Blazers have yet to inquire about Brian Shaw, Mike Malone

Blazers have yet to inquire about Brian Shaw, Mike Malone
June 14, 2012, 12:30 am
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ChrisHaynes, Trail Blazers Insider (@ChrisBHaynes)

Itappears the Portland Trail Blazers are going to take their sweetlittle time finding their next head coach.

Theteam's new general manger, Neil Olshey, has indicated that he wouldput on a search for their next head coach during the free agencyperiod and added they had to figure out what personnel would be onthe roster before they brought in a coach.

Today,after the team's second pre-draft workout, Olshey expanded upon hiscoaching theory.

Myfeeling is this, in college you go get a coach and build your entireprogram around the coach, Olshey said. Here, you build entireprogram around the players and your culture. And then you find thecoach that best suits where your roster is at.

Youcan't look at who the best coach is in a vacuum. You have to look atit relative to where you are in your growth, where you are in yourprocess, and what kind of roster composition you have and who bestsuits developing that roster.

Butin the meantime, Indiana Pacers' assistant coach, Brian Shaw andGolden State Warriors assistant coach, Mike Malone, are two of theprime head coaching candidates on the market and they're justwaiting.

Beforethe Trail Blazers think about interviewing those candidates, theymust ask the Warriors and Pacers for permission to speak with theircoach, and as of now, that hasn't been done.

SteveKauffman represents Malone and Jerome Stanley reps Shaw and both have confirmed to that the Trail Blazers have not called theWarriors or Pacers to seek permission.

Ourvery own Dwight Jaynes reported earlier this week that Jerry Sloanhas not been contacted by the Trail Blazers, either.

TheCharlotte Bobcats have reportedly narrowed their coaching search tothree finalist: Shaw, Sloan, and Quin Snyder.

Whenthe Orlando Magic conclude their general manger search, Malone andShaw are also expected to interview for that opening assumingthey're still on the market.

TheNBA free agency period begins July 1 and the Trail Blazers aretreading on thin ice if they expect prime coaching candidates to bearound by then.

Whichleads me to believe that Kaleb Canales will become the team'spermanent head coach. It is well documented that Canales and Olsheyshare the same agent Warren LeGarie.

I'mnot ready to go conspiracy theory and say this is a LeGarie setup.

Itmight be that Canales is the cheaper option. Nate McMillan is stillowed roughly 7 million and the Trail Blazers executive staff hasmore employees than the average NBA team and adding cost might not bean option for Paul Allen.

That'sstill not an excuse not to conduct a thorough search for the mostqualified coaching candidate that will get the best out of the TrailBlazers' roster. If doing their due diligence is to take place, theTrail Blazers need to call up a few teams and get the process goingnow.

Butafter listening to Olshey today, the Trail Blazers are not in anyhurry to do so.

Whenthe roster is more established and you know where you are, you pick acoach based on who can develop the roster, Olshey said.

Youwould like to give Olshey the benefit of the doubt and have faiththat the right thing will be done. It just doesn't look right, butOlshey says confidently that they'll bring in the right coach.

Freeagent wise, Yeah, I think it affects it a little bit. But, like Isaid, we're going to have a process here, Olshey said. We'regoing to build this thing the right way...We'll find the right coachto coach the roster.