Blazers to keep both lottery picks; Olshey meets with Freeland

Blazers to keep both lottery picks; Olshey meets with Freeland
June 25, 2012, 6:45 pm
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ChrisHaynes, Trail Blazers Insider (@ChrisBHaynes)ThePortland Trail Blazers' plan is to keep both lottery picks at No. 6and No. 11, according to the team's general manager Neil Olshey. Ofcourse that always can change, but that's apparently their mindsetright now.

Wewill acquire the two best players for the franchise at six and 11,Olshey said.

Asof now, Draft Express has the Trail Blazers selecting Weber Statepoint guard Damian Lillard at No. 6 and Illinois center MeyersLeonard with their No. 11 pick.

Olsheyalso announced that today's pre-draft workout featuring Connecticutguard Jeremy Lamb, Missouri State forward Kyle Weems, Oregon guardDevoe Joseph, and Eastern Washington guard Cliff Colimon will likelybe the team's last group of workouts leading up to the 2012 NBA Draft this Thursday.


Olsheymet with Freeland last week in Houston for what he calls 'informationgathering. Olshey said he viewed a couple of Freeland's practicesas he prepared for an Olympic tuneup game against Lithuania.

Freelandhad dinner with Olshey and talked about what it would take to bringthe 6-11 British big man to Portland.

Hesounds interest in coming over and we're interested in having him,Olshey said. And now it's a matter of making sure we can work itout where his role on the team and where he fits in rostercomposition wise, and where his salary slot fits in, works for bothof us.

Thecenter position is a dire need for the Trail Blazers and Freeland isconsidered by many to be the best big man in Europe.

However,Olshey doesn't want the perception to be that Freeland will be theanswer if he is brought to Portland.

We'regoing to have to be a little patient and give him some time tolearn... Physically he's an NBA player, Olshey said. He hasgood instincts, he's a worker. What I like about him is he's a bigtime motor guy. He plays hard every possession both ends of the courtand I think culturally, he'll be great for us.