College FB: You really can't have a playoff if you don't play your way in

College FB: You really can't have a playoff if you don't play your way in
June 27, 2012, 4:01 pm
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By DWIGHT JAYNES (@dwightjaynes)

Yeah, the college presidents have come down from their ivory towers and approved a playoff for college football.

Four teams -- picked by a committee:

"A four team playoff doesn't go too far," Virginia Tech President Charles W. Steger said. "It goes just the right amount."

And we're supposed to be jumping for joy. But with no fear at all of being accused of being a glass-half-empty guy, I'm going to tell you they're not going nearly far enough.

They have settled for just the "right amount" to drive you crazy, beginning in 2014. I just don't understand how college football can offer playoffs at every single level but its top one, for eight to 16 teams, but sanction just four with the heavyweights.

So class time for players at Oregon is more important than those guys at Portland State?

Yeah, I know, you're saying that with four teams, certainly the very best teams will be included. That's enough. Well, no, it isn't. It's not enough to include conference champions, who should earn automatic berths in the tournament by winning their league. And in most seasons, the top one, two or three teams will be pretty easy to pick. But the third andor fourth? It's going to be brutal. That's why you include more teams.

And you're going to leave all this up to a committee to choose?

College football games happen on weekends. Often the best teams play at the same time. This isn't college basketball where games are spread throughout the week. Who is going to watch all these teams play? How is somebody going to watch these teams play?

How are you going to find people smart enough to pick these teams?

To me, you can't have a real playoff if teams don't play their way in. Conference championships, undefeated seasons -- that's what gets you into a a playoff, not a roomful of cigar-smoking guys in white shoes and white belts voting for the teams that can deliver the most eyeballs to a TV screen.

It's going to be a mess. But it's going to be a lucrative mess. The real key to this is more dough headed toward those universities off the blood, sweat and tears of their concussed players.

Some things never change, particularly in the cesspool that is major-college sports.