In an era of spread offenses, the Beavers are unique

In an era of spread offenses, the Beavers are unique
December 27, 2012, 11:21 pm
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SAN ANTONIO -- Texas had a little problem when it began its preparations for Oregon State in the Alamo Bowl. So do a lot of other teams preparing to face the Beavers these days. You see, OSU is doing something on offense that not many other teams do these days:

Running a pro-style offense.

"They are not really built like the offenses that we play against in our conference," Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz said Thursday afternoon. "Obviously, more pro-style offense. They have an outstanding coaching staff. A lot of NFL experience. So you're going to see more of that type of game than what we do.

"The element of the quarterback run game and some of those things are removed from what we've had to defend against."

Beaver offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf believes it's an advantage for his team.

"We are a little different style, being more of a pro system and using more two backs and probably not as much shotgun that you'll see from the (Big-12).

"We are becoming a little bit different than everybody, which I think has helped us. We are the team that's harder to defend and harder to prepare for because of our personnel groups and formations.

"So I think that's to our advantage... So I think it boils down to throwing completions and catching the ball and being able to run the ball and all of the things that we try to do that create big plays."

Running the ball could well become the key to winning the Alamo Bowl for the Beavers. The Longhorns have given up a lot of rushing yards all season, a couple of hundred per game. If OSU can have that kind of success running, the play-action passes ought to be there whenever the Beavers need them.

But I'm not convinced that the oddity of facing a pro style offense is going to be a very big advantage. The Longhorns have had about a month to prepare for this game and I'm sure there are plenty of defensive coaches there who have spent hours over the years getting ready to play traditional, pro-style teams.

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