Hickson vows to be more vocal with teammates, opponents

Hickson vows to be more vocal with teammates, opponents
November 12, 2012, 8:46 pm
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ChrisHaynes, CSNNW.com NBA & Trail Blazers Insider

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Tualatin, Ore. -- Somethingor someone has apparently ticked off Portland Trail Blazers forward J.J. Hicksonand it wasn't me.

Ifyou were up around 8 a.m., and are following @Hickson21, you mighthave seen a couple of interesting tweets from him.

Thefirst one said, @Hickson21 Ifyou don't like how I'm about to start operating, then f@ck ya.Straight up. I'm on one...

Well,okay. That came out of nowhere.

Thenthere was another one shortly after saying, @Hickson21I see that beingthe nice JJ gets me no where...

So,10.2 points per game and 10.7 rebounds a game is the nice J.J.? Lookout league.

Aftertoday's shootaround, I approached Hickson to find out what this wasall about.

I'mjust going to be me, Hickson told CSNNW.com. I'm going to startbeing more vocal with my teammates and my opponents. I'm just goingto start talking. I just made up my mind that some things need tochange and we need to stop this losing streak and I decided to tweetit out.

So,the tweets were basketball related?

Yeah,it's not like I'm not happy or anything like that, it's just I feellike I'm not being who I am and that's talking to my teammates andgetting at the other teams, too.

AsHickson was answering my question, head coach Terry Stotts walked byand said to Hickson, Hey, you know Chris wants you to come off thebench?

No, he didn't coach. Thanks for telling him. I then had to explain my stance to Hickson.

It'swhatever coach wants to do and however I can help the team,Hickson said. I know I'm the trash player. My points come off ofrebounds and every team needs a player like that. Obviously everyplayer wants to have their name in the starting lineup and competing,but it's whatever the coach wants to do.

Hicksonsays he hasn't heard his name being associated with coming off of thebench until coach Stotts brought it up during this interview. And inregards to those tweets, I have no clue.