I'm still guessing that Kaleb Canales is going to get that job

I'm still guessing that Kaleb Canales is going to get that job
August 4, 2012, 12:56 am
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By DWIGHT JAYNES (@dwightjaynes)

OK, I'm not even officially back from vacation yet but I wanted to throw my two cents into the discussion about the next Trail Blazer head coach.

With Kaleb Canales and Terry Stotts getting interviews with Paul Allen in London, decision time is certainly here and there's a scenario at play that nobody has mentioned that I better bring up.

Stotts, a very bright man who has been fired from two coaching jobs already (and really, I don't think he had much of a chance to succeed at either of them), is a candidate from way out of left field. I don't believe he's gotten an interview for a job in a while and you don't hear his name when there's talk about hot NBA assistants who are ready for head coaching jobs.

It's probably done Stotts a lot of good just to get into the finals on this one. His name is alive again around the league. And -- let me run this theory past you -- I think that's exactly why he's in the finals of this one.

I think the job has been Kaleb's all along. And I think Stotts, while a very worthy candidate, is being thrown into the mix (remember, he's a Warren Legarie client) to bring him back into the discussion for future head coaching jobs.

Meanwhile, all the candidates that were interviewed -- the dog-and-pony show that included more than a dozen people -- does nothing, at least to Blazer Nation, but validate Canales as a candidate. At least that would be the hope.

You know, "We scoured the country looking for someone better but nobody could hold a candle to the guy who is here right now -- Kaleb Canales." Now I don't necessarily agree with that assessment but I believe it's a possible explanation for what's gone on.

Stotts has more experience in the league than Canales by a country mile. But so did most of the other candidates. My goodness, Elston Turner's defenses have tied the Blazers up in knots so many times I've lost count. Brian Shaw and Mike Malone? Some pretty smart people think they're going to be great coaches.

If you were going to go by experience alone, Canales wouldn't have made the final four.

But if it goes the way I just mapped it out, Stotts will come out of this with a little newfound gloss. Kaleb will come out with the job we thought all along he'd get.

And well, you can go ahead and connect whatever dots you see.