Karl unaware he picked Roy's number; Barton's ailing hamstring

Karl unaware he picked Roy's number; Barton's ailing hamstring
October 3, 2012, 8:53 pm
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ChrisHaynes, CSNNW.com NBA & Trail Blazers Insider

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It'snot what everyone thought. No, the Portland Trail Blazersweren't trying to take a jab at Brandon Roy by issuing the No.7 jersey a number that is considered sacred around these neck ofthe woods to camp invite Coby Karl son of DenverNuggets head coach George Karl.

Turnsout, it was Karl who picked the number once he agreed to join theteam for camp. However, he didn't know it was Brandon's number untilhe arrived...you guessed it...in Portland.

They (Trail Blazers)told me I was coming to camp Saturday. They called me Saturdayafternoon and said we have 7, 10, 17, 18, and like 50, Karlexplained to CSNNW.com. I've always played in 5 and 11 and 22 andnone were available so I just said 7 and the next day I got here, Iwas like...'Oh, that's Brandon's number.'

Itdidn't hit me until I got here 24 hours later. I've said it before,Brandon is a great player. I know him personally and he's a greatguy. So I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes. I'm out here and Iwas one of the last guys signed, so I got to take a number.

WhenRoy was asked by Minnesota media members for his opinion on the TrailBlazers issuing his former number to Karl, he replied: "Didthey?" he said. "I hope he wears it well. I didn't knowthat."

Thereare some Trail Blazer fans who feel No. 7 should be off limits andlifted into the rafters. While others are taking the stance of noton our team, not our problem.

Eitherway, this whole fiasco was all about nothing and just boiled down toa player picking a number he preferred on the fly.

I'vealways liked the No. 7, so I didn't even think twice about it,Karl said.

Injuryto Will Barton:

Afterthe Trail Blazers concluded their morning practice, rookieguardforward Will Barton walked off the practice court gingerly.After speaking with head coach Terry Stotts, he said Barton had asore hamstring that was bothering him during today's session.

CSNNW.comlater got confirmation that it's his right hamstring. Stotts wasn'taware of how or when the soreness occurred.

Teamtrainer Jay Jensen is treating Barton and he will be evaluated to seeif he is able to go during tonight's session. According to Stotts, he won't know until later if Barton can go tonight.