Let's go ahead and embrace Paul Allen being his own GM

Let's go ahead and embrace Paul Allen being his own GM
November 29, 2011, 6:20 pm
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A lot of people are really steamed that the Trail Blazers are without a general manager.

Calm down, people. This is a simple thing.

The bottom line is, if Paul Allen and Bert Kolde want to make all the decisions, what's the point in wasting big bucks on a general manager? They had a good one here just last year in Rich Cho. But they didn't like him because he told them a few things about their team that they didn't want to hear. I'm betting it was stuff like, "You're probably going to have to concede that what you have here isn't enough to get where you want to go and you may be better off blowing it up and starting all over."

But if Paul and Bert (sounds like a couple of stars of "The Muppets," doesn't it?) decide that along with Chad Buchanan and Larry Miller they can get things done without someone sitting in the GM chair, what's the point of spending the money? Seriously?

I'm tired of a charade in which some poor sap sits in that chair and takes the hits for decisions made by someone looking over his shoulder. Let's go ahead and let the owner and his pal make the calls -- and then at least we'll know who gets the blame or the credit.

Oops, shouldn't have written that. Now they're probably going to go out and hire that fall guy, after all.