Not sure about Stan Van Gundy in Portland

Not sure about Stan Van Gundy in Portland
May 21, 2012, 8:20 pm
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ChrisHaynes, Trail Blazers Insider (@ChrisBHaynes)

The Orlando Magic announced today they've fired head coach Stan Van Gundy and have parted ways with general manger Otis Smith. The talk is Smith may retire.

What's interesting is that the Portland Trail Blazers need a head coach, too.

Is this a match made in heaven?

Allow me to put in my two cents.

Van Gundy is too negative and that was one of the major reasons NateMcMillan had to go. Sports Illustrated surveyed NBA players andVan Gundy was found to be the least liked coach with 22 percent ofthe votes.

Nowfor me, I would love to have him as the Trail Blazers next headcoach. I would never miss one of his pressers. You never know whathe's going to say next.

Observing from afar, it looks as if Van Gundy's message eventually got muted byhis players and that's something Blazer fans witnessed this season.He's an energetic coach but over time, he loses his luster with hisguys.

ThisTrail Blazer team isn't constructed to compete for a championshipright now and I don't know if Van Gundy has the patience to sitthrough a couple of losing seasons without saying something that willdisrupt the psyche of one of the Blazers' youngsters.

Here'ssomething else to ponder:

Doyou think Van Gundy and Paul Allen can get along?

Doyou think Van Gundy and Bert Kolde can get along?

There'sno doubt about it that Van Gundy is a great coach, but I'm just notsure he's a great fit in Portland. If the Trail Blazers were to pickhim up, I wouldn't consider it a bad hire. After all, you have to love the way he runs his high-scoring offenses with shooters surrounding a dominant post player.

Could you see that style of play incorporated around LaMarcus Aldridge?

Hewould definitely bring more national attention to the scene with hisoutlandish demeanor and personality. But big picture, not sure it'sworth it.

Whatdo you think?