Phil Jackson in Portland? If he's willing, you better be talking to him

Phil Jackson in Portland? If he's willing, you better be talking to him
July 17, 2012, 4:47 pm
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By DWIGHT JAYNES (@dwightjaynes)

I'll try to be as succinct with this as I can.

If Phil Jackson is at all interested in working for the Portland Trail Blazers (and those close to him say he is), the Portland Trail Blazers better be talking to Phil Jackson.

Understand that Jackson's interest level may not mix well with whatever constraints this franchise may want to impose on him. I have a feeling Jackson could handle a little meddling from his owner. Hey, that goes with the job a lot of places.

But he'd be wanting full basketball authority with no background noise from the owner's best buddy or anyone else. He'd want to be able to bring his own people in and have control of basketball operations from top to bottom. Jackson's vision of president wouldn't include business operations -- it would be basketball. That would mean coach, GM and everything else on that side of the operation.

So what? You change the job description for him, elevate Sarah Mensah to run the office part of this. That's no problem.

Jackson has never been a front-office guy. I have no idea if he'd be any good at it. He may, in fact, be a disaster.

That said, if you pass up a chance to hire this man -- a man who knows more about what it takes to win than just about anybody else on the planet, you're nuts.

If he seriously wants the job, you just haul out the checkbook and ask him how much money he wants. Hey, you're paying Nic Batum 11.5 million a year to play small forward ... what does that make Jackson worth?

Phil Jackson in Portland? Yeah, hard to believe. I can't tell you how serious he is about it. But I can tell you how serious I am.

If he wants that job, you give him that job in a Montana minute.