Quotes on some possible picks

Quotes on some possible picks
June 26, 2012, 7:17 pm
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Some quotes gathered from around the internet on some potential Trail Blazer picks:


Jonathan Givony, President of Draftexpress.com "He became a top-10 pick once people started looking at him as the best point guard in the draft,"

Ryan Blake, NBA director of scouting "He's a scoring point guard who can get inside, and he's improved his three-point shooting. He's a great free throw shooter; he's versatile as a scorer; he uses the pick-and-roll well; and he can finish in traffic.  When you have someone with good size, good strength, good speed and you have someone who can shoot the ball and play defense," Blake said, "that's just a great package."

Randy Rahe, WSU Head Coach "Most kids today, they love the limelight and can't wait to make money, can't wait for the fame.  All that is the furthest thing from Damian's mind. All he wants to do is play basketball and prove he belongs. And that's why I think he's going to make it."

Chris Monter, Publisher College Basketball News "I think people thought he should have been a little more dominant than he was at UConn.  It was kind of a dysfunctional group at times. He's got big time potential. If he could play hard every game, he has a chance to be a very, very good player. The question is, if he was up and down in a 30-game, two-game-a-week schedule, what's going to happen when you get in the NBA?" 

Ryan Blake, NBA Scouting Director "The jury is still out, he has great skills. He's athletic. He has an NBA body, the ability to be a good shooter. But he has not applied it. It's hard to ignore something like that." 

Joe Kotoch, Pro Basketball Draft Director Physically, hes everything you would want a center to be hes a shade under 7 feet, hes got an incredible wingspan, hes an explosive athlete, laterally hes very quick and he can really defend the pick-and-roll.

John Hollinger, ESPN "Waiters projects as the best small wing since Dwyane Wade, and hed be a steal if somebody got him in the Nos. 8-10 range currently being discussed."

Chad Ford, ESPN "He can get to the basket at will, thats a very rare commodity in the NBA, he's so quick with the dribble, so strong, he's a great finisher and I think he's a little bit better shooter, and he's so aggressive, those commodities are rare, that's why I think he's worthy of a top ten pick."