Ronnie Price not right, but can't stand sitting

Ronnie Price not right, but can't stand sitting
November 8, 2012, 2:43 am
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ChrisHaynes, NBA & Trail Blazers Insider

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Tualatin, Ore. -- ThePortland Trail Blazers brought in Ronnie Price to be their lock-downdefender at the backup point guard position to compliment franchisepoint guard Damian Lillard.

However,after sustaining a right ankle sprain during the team's secondpreseason game against the Phoenix Suns, Price hasn't been himselfsince. He sat the remainder of the exhibition season and even thefirst two games of the year before he gave it a go.

Hisrole is still the same: He's the backup point guard, but the lock-downdefender part is not quite there yet.

It(right ankle) is as good as it's going to get right now, Pricesaid. So I can't worry about that right now. I'm out thereplaying, so there's no excuses for my performances.

Pricesaid it will be a while before his ankle is considered back tonormal. You will still find him limping from time-to-time and you'llsee him grimacing in pain when he makes certain movements.

Hewas asked if he thought about sitting out until he was completelyhealthy and Price gave a look as if you asked him to jump over abridge.

Ican't just sit down and watch, Price said with a smirk. If Ithink I can still help my team win ball games, then I'm going toplay. I may not be as quick or as healthy as I want to be right now,but I'm going to go out there and give it my all.

Onecut in the wrong direction could further hamper Price's situation.Price acknowledged that he tore a ligament in his ankle and calls itone of the worst ankle injuries he's had.

Yetstill, he's an athlete and a competitor that feels he can still makea difference on the court even though he's not where he wants to be.

IfI'm putting myself in a dangerous situation by playing, then the teamtrainers wouldn't leave it (the decision to play) up to me, Pricesaid. I'm not trying to think about it when I'm out there, becauseif you're mind is on it, that's when something can happen. I'm justgoing to knock on wood and hope that I'll be alright.