Should the Blazers go after Jeremy Lin?

Should the Blazers go after Jeremy Lin?
May 18, 2012, 6:13 pm
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ChrisHaynes, Trail Blazers Insider (@ChrisBHaynes)

ThePortland Trail Blazers are in desperate need of a quality point guardand will have anywhere from 15-20 million to acquire one via freeagency.

Somenames that have floated around as potential hopefuls have been theNew Jersey Nets' Deron Williams, Phoenix Suns' Steve Nash, HoustonRockets' Goran Dragic, and a dark horse, the New York Knicks' JeremyLin.

Lin,23, has made a name for himself as of late and some people have saidthey would like to see Lin in Portland. So, I reached out to hisagent to see if that was a possibility.

Wehaven't reached the point to where we're looking into particularteams. It's still early, Lin's agent Roger Montgomery Jeremy is a free agent and we'll weigh all of ouroptions. When the time comes and free agency hits, we'll look at NewYork and each team and assess all of our avenues from there. I'mfamiliar with Portland. I think Portland is a good town and a greatbasketball city. But it's too early to get into conversations aboutspecific teams right now.

Linis a restricted free agent and his team is currently over the cap.The NBA players association is seeking an arbitrator's ruling thatwill allow players such as the Trail Blazers' J.J. Hickson, LosAngeles Clippers Chauncey Billups, and the Knicks' Jeremy Lin andSteve Novak to retain their Bird rights in order for their respectiveteams to re-sign them going over the salary cap.

Allfour players were waived this season and the collective bargainingagreement states that a player shall keep his rights if he switchesteams through a trade. The NBPA contends that rule should apply forthose players picked up off of waivers as well.

Averdict is expected to be reached well before the free agency periodhits and its decision could have minor implications on theavailability of Lin. The Knicks are expected to retain Lin regardlessof what occurs, but will be handcuffed with what they can do movingforward.

Idon't know what will come from the ruling. I know it's going to be anintriguing summer, Montgomery said. I know the city of Portlandis excited to see what they're going to do this summer with the movesthey have to make. It will be fun time.

Withall this being said, you as a Blazer fan, do you want the TrailBlazers to make a run at Lin?