Source says Nic Batum wants no part of the Trail Blazers

Source says Nic Batum wants no part of the Trail Blazers
July 4, 2012, 1:08 am
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By DWIGHT JAYNES (@dwightjaynes)

76 Update: Chris Haynes spoke with Nic Batum's agent regarding the situation. Be sure to read it here.
UPDATE:Batum is denying this report on Twitter, and others may deny, too. He is smart enough to know that if the Blazers wish, he's going to be back in Portland in the future and he doesn't want to have to deal with this. The Blazers have told him that they will match any and all offers -- meaning he'd have to come back next season.I'm not at all surprised he's denied this. He almost has to if he wants to stay in good graces with fans he may end up having to play in front of in the future.It's going to be interesting to see which side gives in -- Batum and his determined agent or the Trail Blazers.

Nic Batum does not want to return to the Portland Trail Blazers "under any circumstances for a variety of reasons," according to an NBA source close to the situation.

Batum, a free agent who visited the Minnesota Timberwolves this week, is said to have told the Blazers Tuesday that he does not want to return to the team.

Minnesota has reportedly offered Batum 45 million over four seasons as a free agent but is said to be willing to negotiate a sign-and-trade deal with the Trail Blazers for a package that might include players and future draft choices. Batum's agent tried to negotiate a contract extension during the season but believes the team low-balled him with an offer estimated around 6 million.

"Batum never wants to play in Portland again," the source said. "And has determined that Minnesota is the best for him and his family."

Apparently Batum has a relationship with Wolves point guard Rickey Rubio and while in Minnesota this week developed a relationship with the team's coach, Rick Adelman.