UPDATE: Thomas Tyner Decommits (or not) from Oregon

UPDATE: Thomas Tyner Decommits (or not) from Oregon
October 17, 2012, 5:57 am
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by CSNNW.com Staff 

1018  Update: Oregon247sports.com is reporting that Thomas Tyner has informed Oregon that he will NOT take visits to other schools and is committed to the Duck program.

He tells Justin Hopkins:

"It was hard, this has has been a very hard week for me," Tyner said. "I've always loved Oregon and the coaching staff and the team. This is home and this is where I want to play my college football. That never changed, I just thought I should take some other visits to be 100-percent certain. But after some thinking, I know this is where I want to be. I want to be a Duck."

The nation's No. 39 overall player spoke with assistant Gary Campbell and Chip Kelly last night to secure his spot in the class of 2013 at Oregon.

"Those guys are the best," he said. "They didn't pressure me to do anything, but I just felt comfortable talking to them and it felt right. Coach Campbell is just so laid back and supportive and Chip is just such a smooth operator. I'm excited to play for them and work my butt off at Oregon."

Basically, your guess is as good as anyone else's.


1017 UPDATE: According to John Canzano of the Oregonian, the Oregon State Beavers have re-entered the picture in the Thomas Tyner recruiting sweepstakes: 

"A source close to the situation said the running back contacted Oregon State on Wednesday morning, and planned to schedule a visit with the Beavers later Wednesday night. Also, Oregon State will dispatch an assistant -- my bet is offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh -- to the Aloha-Jesuit football game Friday night for a first-hand look."

Canzano had this from Mike Riley on the issue:

"We've got to recruit this guy just as if he's not committed. I mean we gotta stay on it and keep going because things happen and frankly I think some guys just commit too soon. They get caught up for some reason or another. It might seem good at the time, but this time for kids is supposed to be about exploring and finding out as much as they can about the schools they're most interested in.

"My advice to them is to be patient. As much as I'd love to get commitments, I'd want to get one that is solid, where a guy has looked around and said, 'That's the place I want to go.'"

In an interview earlier this season, Tyner said he was still receiving handwritten letters weekly from Oregon State and UCLA, as well as regular email from USC. And although he said before the Warriors' home opener against Thurston that he was "solid with Oregon," he admitted to a soft spot for the Beavers, per Jim Beseda.
And UCLA? Tyner has long said that the one school that has continued to recruit him despite his commitment to the Ducks was UCLA. UCLA's persistence, coupled with Tyner's desire to experience the California lifestyle, led him to make the decision to decommit, per Brandon Oliver of ESPN LA.

Oliver had this from Tyner: "In the beginning, my heart was with Oregon State, because they were the first school that ever talked to me. I had a chance to hang out with the team and go to their games, and that's when I really got close to the coaches. They know I love them down there, but now my heart is with Oregon."

Also, the Ducks have self-reported a NCAA violation regarding Thomas Tyner. During his "official visit" to the University against Arizona, Tyner was seen zoomed in on the jumbo-screen. It is against NCAA rules to allow potential recruits on the screen on purpose.

Per Canzano's article, a UO spokesperson confirmed Wednesday that the Ducks had reported the incident, and what would appear to be a secondary violation, to the NCAA. 

Tyner has removed information on his social media accounts revolving his commitment to Oregon, as well. Though photos of him in Oregon gear remain on his pages. Fans should also know that before Tyner verbally committed to Oregon, he was high on Oregon State. He, in fact, was a soft verbal commit to OSU, until he saw what the Ducks were doing nationally. Oregon State is now 5-0 for the first time since 1939 and has its highest ranking since 2000.

Tyner was encouraged by those who have gone through the recruiting process to "live up his recruitment" because he only gets one, and should enjoy the process as much as possible. Tyner is doing just that.


Late Tuesday night a report from Justin Hopkins of 247Sports.comand DuckTerritory.com revealed that 4 star recruit, the nation's toprunning back, Army All-American, Thomas Tyner, has de-commit from the University ofOregon. Tyner, native to Oregon and Aloha high school, told Hopkins,"I just want to be 100-percent of my decision. Earlier in theyear, Tyner shared this photo with the caption, Thinking about thefuture and smiling. But, he goes on to say, "UCLA is oneschool I'd like to visit for sure and there could be others. Theyhave stayed in contact with me every week and I really love thethought of living in California."

Earlier this season, Tyner rushed for 684 yards and 10 touchdownsin one game that set off a firestorm across social media and on TVshows like ESPN UNITE and SportsCenter. Every local media outletconducted its respective interviews. Tyner's popularity soared higherthan ever. The 17 year old senior expected to graduate early and jointhe Ducks in the Spring was now being looked at in the spotlight morethan ever.

Tyner said of the Ducks program, "I love Oregon and the coaches and the program. They treat me like family and I'm definitely not ruling Oregon out. I committed so early in the process and I just want to make sure of my decision."

Tyner was in love and was getting married to a program without ever dating another one. The 17 year old was set to join the program in 2013 with Dontre Wilson of Texarkana, TX (same town as LaMichael James) and was expected to be the future of the Ducks backfield. This season, Tyner is averaging nearly 13 yards a carry, 30 total touchdowns and is on pace to rush for over 3200 yards.

Tyner, immediately after the report came out, sent a tweet to his some 5400 followers under the handle D4SH How do I know where I'm truly happy if I haven't put myself out there yet? Still love my ducks. Gotta do what I gotta do. Instant reaction came in, with Tyner trending quickly. Here are some of the responses:

According to Hopkins, With Tyner notifying the staff of his intent to take other visits, his scholarship offer should remain in tact. If Oregon were to secure two other commits at the position he could lose his spot however.

With Tyner's recruitment and commitment to Oregon, it made his ability to take other official visits strained. This news, by all accounts, is bittersweet. It gives Tyner the chance to explore his options, make certain that his decision is absolutely the right one. As parents or young people aspiring to achieve those goals and make certain it is an informed one. Tyner comes from good stock; his head is screwed well on his shoulders. In the coming days, the news will become clearer. Until then, watch Tyner's interview with Jordan Kent from last month and see where you think his allegiance lies.

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