OSU Signing Day Recap: News and Notes

OSU Signing Day Recap: News and Notes
February 7, 2013, 11:45 am
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As we dust off the notebook from Wednesday's madness that is signing day, here are a bunch of news, notes and quotes from OSU's news conference as head coach Mike Riley spoke about the new recruiting class. 

Coach Riley mentioned he was very impressed by the character of the families and kids in this recruiting class and that his coaches did a really nice job of recognizing talent. Overall, Mike Riley (like every coach ever) felt they had a strong recruiting class. Riley in regards to the junior college lineman thought they would be able to 'jump right in' and help the team. He mentioned that the maturity and extra experience that the JUCO players bring helps them transition more easily.

Riley dismissed putting much stock into rankings such as Rivals or ESPN and rather turned the focus towards the trust and comfort he believes creates a good recruiting experience as well as a good football experience once they arrive.

Here are some of Riley's quick thoughts on some of the players:

Steven Nelson (JUCO, CB) - "outstanding prospect"

Victor Bolden, Walter Jones (WRs)- "good all around players"

Hunter Jarmon (WR)- "good baseball player, good all around player"

Kyle Kempt (QB) - "a good fit; we only recruited two quarterbacks"

Corey Lawrence (DB) - “hard to find players like him...corners are like gold...this is one of the best classes of defensive backs ever (at OSU).

Lawrence Mattison (RB) - “This ones worth waiting for....he's not from a 'normal' situation and has overcome a lot in his life. He's biger than other RBs we've recruited in the past....We try to prepare players for life after football."

Damien Haskins (RB) - "very intelligent- colleges overlooked him"

Michael Greer (LB) - "good all around; speed (compares to DJ Welsch)"

* Riley spoke at length about encouraging players to participate in sports outside of football and voiced concern for high school coaches and parents who push young kids into specialization of a sport.

* Riley gave specific kudos to Coach Rod Perry's role as he was a major factor in recruiting, especially in recruiting Steven Nelson (DB)