After re-injuring his fractured finger, Batum not sure he can go against OKC

After re-injuring his fractured finger, Batum not sure he can go against OKC
January 20, 2014, 9:00 pm
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Nic Batum: Injury update on his finger

HOUSTON – Nicolas Batum doesn’t know if he’ll be healthy enough to finish out this four-game road trip against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday night.

Late in Monday night’s 126-113 loss to the Houston Rockets, an unknown Rocket player slapped the fractured left middle finger of the Portland Trail Blazer forward, causing him to head to the lockerroom with a couple of minutes remaining in the game. Batum says he heard a crack and then the pain shot out as if he had broke it for the first time.

Part of that crack noise was his customized splint being shattered, a splint he has been playing with since injuring his hand a few weeks ago. He took a precautionary X-ray after the game to see if there were any further damages and the results indicated there wasn’t. Right now he's using a temporary splint on the swollen finger.

According to Casey Hodahl of, the team has the necessary supplies to recreate a customized splint for Batum, something he needs in order to play.

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“I can’t play without that splint. I can’t play with just any one,” Batum told “It was made for my finger. This one I have on now won’t do.”

Batum says “it hurts really bad,” when asked how he feels.

Producing another splint is one thing, but it may not be what ultimately gets him on the court tomorrow night.

The small forward was unable to tie his shoes after the game and he was noticeably grimacing while getting dressed. His pain tolerance is the other obstacle facing the Trail Blazers, a squad that has had the same starting lineup in place all season.

“When I first broke it, I had a couple of days before I got back on the court. We're playing tomorrow. I can’t catch a pass right now,” he said. “We’ll see how I feel tomorrow but I just don’t know.”

Tonight Batum registered six points on two-for-six shooting while dishing out seven assists in 34 minutes.