Aldridge is still a go for the World Cup this summer

Aldridge is still a go for the World Cup this summer
April 5, 2014, 1:15 pm
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TUALATIN -- Despite dealing with a nagging back contusion that will likely linger the remainder of the season, Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge plans to still compete with Team USA in the FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain this summer.

“I’m committed to playing,” Aldridge told “I don’t see how that would change.”

His inside-outside game is perfect for international competition and he made it clear his skills will be on display this time around.

“I’m all in,” he reiterated.

Aldridge, 28, is having the best season of his career having reached career marks in some major statistical categories such as scoring (23.3) and rebounding (11.1). For most of the season, his name has surfaced amongst those in the MVP discussion.

The three-time All-Star told midway through the season that this year’s team is the most fun he’s had as Trail Blazer. That fall he had in San Antonio a few weeks back that put him in the state he’s in today, took a little of the luster out, though.

“It was the most fun earlier but now falling on my back definitely put a little damper on that,” Aldridge said. “But it’s nothing to serious from here on out.”

Damian Lillard is a go for Team USA, Victor Claver says he is “definitely” playing for the Spanish National Team and as far as Nicolas Batum and his involvement with the French National Team this summer, well, he’s not sure.

For the first time since turning professional, Batum is considering skipping international play. We’re told he’s leaning more towards not competing in the World Cup at this moment in time. He will make a final decision after the conclusion of the season.

Barring anything drastic, Trail Blazer fans will have three of their own players to watch on the tube when Portland normally hosts its best weather of the year.