Damian Lillard holds twitter Q & A

Lillard's game winner from on court view

Damian Lillard holds twitter Q & A
July 3, 2014, 10:45 pm
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Late Thursday night, Damian Lillard held a Q&A on twitter for his followers. 

Here is a rundown of the questions fans sent in and Lillard's responses (links added to responses for context). If you want to read all of them, head to Lillard's twitter page.

Question: Favorite rap artist?
Damian Lillard: J Cole

Q: When could you first dunk?
DL: 10th grade

Q: How do you like the city of Portland?
DL: Love it

Q: Happy about [Chris] Kaman?
DL: Yes I am (Sherman Klump voice)

Q: Best looking WNBA player?
DL: Becky Hammon, Maya Moore, Briann January, Sky Diggins...to name a few

Q: Most underrated player in the league?
DL: Nic Batum

Q: Favorite player you grew up watching?
DL: AI [Allen Iverson]

Q: Favorite restaurant?
DL: Benihana

Q: What is your key to success for an unknown PG trying to get recruited?
DL: Outwork everyone

Q: Your boy Dav [Davion Berry] going to make the roster?
DL: Certainly

Q: Are you willing to go hunting with your new teammate Chris Kaman?
DL: The only thing I'm shootin is a basketball

Q: If you could be any animal what would you be?
DL: Lion

Q: Best moment in the NBA yet?
DL: Winning a playoff series

Q: Which specific part of your game are you trying to improve this offseason?
DL: Everything...keep improving on D

Q: Celebrity crush?
DL: Nicki Minaj and Ashanti

Q: Favorite non basketball athlete?
DL: Floyd Mayweather

Q: Would you rather be a NBA champ or 3x MVP?
DL: Champ

Q: How old were you when you hit your first buzzer beater?
DL: 14

Q: Want to go sky diving with me in PDX?
DL: Absolutely not lol

Q: Favorite movie?
DL: Paid in full

Q: One player you'd like to play with?
DL: Anthony Davis

Q: Favorite thing about the city of Portland?
DL: The love is unreal... #UnderDogCity #UnderDogTeam

Q: Funniest movie you've seen?
DL: Old School, Austin Powers

Q: Who do you consider the G.O.A.T [Greatest of All Time]?
DL: MJ [Michael Jordan]

Q: Funniest dude on the blazers?
DL: @Dwightway1 [Dorell Wright]

Q: Your celebrity crush as a kid?
DL: Sanaa Lathan

Q: Which players gives you the toughest time to score on?
DL: Avery Bradley got cuffs lol