Did the Rockets get a 6 second gift at end of regulation?

Did the Rockets get a 6 second gift at end of regulation?
March 10, 2014, 7:30 am
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Lin/Harden inbounds play 6.1 seconds?

It's hard enough to defend an inbounds play for five-seconds, but over six seconds with the game on the line?

That's the question posed: Did the Houston Rockets receive a six-plus second gift in the win over the Blazers?

CSN received a tweet from Daniel Brady asking us to review the tape:

Daniel Brady ‏@DBrady25@csnnw Show the Harden game tying 3 side out play at the end of regulation. Lin held the ball for over 6 seconds. #BlazersTalk

For perspective: The play Brady is referencing occurs with 11.3 seconds to go in regulation. Wesley Matthews had just missed a critical free throw that would have pushed the lead to four points. Instead, the Rockets grabbed the rebound on the missed free throw, called timeout, and got the inbounds play on the other side of the court. Lin gets the ball inbounds to Harden who hits a miraculous corner three to tie it. The Blazers lost in OT. 

If Brady's assumption was correct and if Lin did hold the ball for six seconds on the inbound play, it would have led to a Rockets turnover, according to Rule no. 8, Section III of the NBA rulebook:

Section III-The Throw-In 

a. The throw-in starts when the ball is at the disposal of a player entitled to the throw-in. He shall release the ball inbounds within 5 seconds from the time the throw-in starts. 

See the video above. What do you think? Were the Rockets handed a six second gift?

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