Lopez can dish it, has humorous exchange with reporter over hairstyle

Lopez can dish it, has humorous exchange with reporter over hairstyle
December 19, 2013, 10:00 am
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MINNESOTA -- Robin Lopez is a funny guy. His humor is unique in that you don’t expect him to clown on you when he decides to do so. He likes to have fun and he did so in our mini conversation about hair.

Knowing the Lopez family for over a decade ever since I played on the same high school basketball team as Robin’s older brother Chris, I was semi curious to find out when Robin elected to go with the puffy, curly hairstyle, a do Robin dubs the “unkept afro.”

“I honestly don’t remember,” Lopez responded. “There’s nothing really extraordinary about it. It’s not like it has super hero powers or anything. There’s no mystique about it. It’s just very pedestrian.”

Was it done to differentiate yourself from Brook, your identical twin?

“People are going to be morons,” he said. “If people can’t tell us apart, they’re going to be morons either way. Letting my hair grow had nothing to do with trying to look different from Brook.”

I came back with “But you guys do look alike.” And he looked me dead in the eyes and promptly replied in his deep voice, “no we don’t.”

Robin said he woke up one morning and decided to grow his hair out around the eighth grade. Then he just started to like it and stayed with it ever since. There was no one he tried to emulate, says it was natural.

Did Brook ever think about…? And before I could get my question out, Robin interrupted, recognizing where I was going and said, “Brook and I don’t discuss hairstyles, Chris,” he told me with a sigh.

This is when Will Barton started cracking up laughing two locker stalls over. “Get out of here with those questions, Haynes,” Barton shouted in tears.

I told Robin thanks for the time, and he flashed a huge smile and said “anytime, Chris. My pleasure.”

Then they went on to beat the Cavaliers 119-116.