Wright says Wade belongs in Top 10, not Harden

Wright says Wade belongs in Top 10, not Harden
October 2, 2013, 7:30 pm
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TUALATIN – Not so fast James Harden, it's not your turn, yet, according to Portland Trail Blazers forward Dorell Wright.

You're probably aware by now of the comments made by Oklahoma's superstar Kevin Durant, in basically stating that Harden should be included in Sports Illustrated's NBA Top 10 list over Miami's Dwyane Wade.

Wade, didn't appreciate that opinion and went to twitter tweeting “make him respect your place in history...again.”

Durant followed that up with a powerful “Show me don't tweet me” tweet.

Wednesday following the team's morning session, Wright offered his analysis of the situation.

D-Wade has got to be in the top 10,” Wright said emphatically to CSNNW.com. “Come on, man. He's a three-time NBA champ, an Olympic gold medalist, scoring champ. He's done it all. Harden will be there one day, but there's no way he should be in over Wade right now.”

Let's keep in mind that Wright and Wade are best of friends. They spent six seasons together in Miami. Their friendship runs so deep that Wright named his five-year old son Devin Quentin “Dwyane” Wade.

It should also be noted that Durant and Harden are good pals, as well.

The topic of Wade over Harden, or Harden over Wade, is up for debate. But Wright thinks Wade is highly motivated to prove the doubters wrong, and believes a special season is in store for the league.

He'll be ready. He's motivated,” Wright said. “He'll prove that he's still one of the best we have in this game. I have no doubt about it.”