The Combine is Over: Please, Put On Some Loose Fitting Pants

The Combine is Over: Please, Put On Some Loose Fitting Pants
February 26, 2013, 11:45 am
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The combine was a fun, albeit incessant, experience for me. But I'm glad it's over; enough with the men in tights...

We're not talking biking shorts, or Nike slim fit yoga pants. No, full-on ballet level tights. How long has this been going on? Because it shouldn't, and I'm talking to you, Honey Badger-Man.

Ok, ok, I get it. It's all about streamlining for speed. Like the whole Michael Phelps shaves his legs thing. Moving on....

Anyway, on this last day, I watched guys like Tyrann Mathieu (man-tight offender of the highest degree), Jordan Poyer, Kenny Vacarro and Desmond Trufant try to match expectations, and perhaps exceed them.

The Honey Badger was fast (4.50), and while he only managed four reps in the bench press (four!), there's no arguing the kid's got ball skillz. He's been out of trouble since October, is that long enough for teams to take a chance? We will see in two months' time.

As for Jordan Poyer, who avoided the legging faux-pas, had a solid all-around performance.  Sidenote: He met with the Patriots over the weekend. Can you imagine Jordan living it up in Boston?!

Forty Yard Dash

Bench Press
8 Reps

Vertical Jump
30.5 Inches

Broad Jump
118.0 Inches