Huskies Slide By Beavers 72-62

Huskies Slide By Beavers 72-62
February 16, 2013, 9:15 pm
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It was hard to say that Washington won this game. There was so much chaos, infinite lead trades, wild shooting. The "let's throw everything against a wall and see what sticks" style of play from both sides ultimately panned out in the Huskies' favor. Even lead scorer C.J. Wilcox didn't play in any sort of spectacular way; he just happened to get the ball in his hands often, and in opportune moments.  It was a sloppy game. Washington did a better job in transition and shooting from the outside, yet neither team ever really established themselves on offense or defense, with the exception of Shawn Kemp's second half scoring success.

Huskies, you lucky dogs....

UW has put an end to their five game losing streak in front of a lackluster crowd in Seatlle, and the Beavers are now 3-10....

Roberto Nelson led with 19 points, and while Joe BUrton contributed 10 of his own, we didn't see his typical numbers, getting just 5 rebounds and 1 assist in Seattle.

In what was a punch-for-punch game up until the last five minutes, the Beavers battled an aggressive yet disorganized Huskies squad, where it seemed as though errant shooting attempts paid off for both teams.

The Beavers had four turnovers in the first five mintues of the game  of the game, but they looked good in transition, getting 12 points off the Huskies mistakes in the first ten minutes.

Then OSU went dark, barely scoring in the last eight or nine minutes heading into the lockers.

In the second, Washington went on a 9-3 run to take 41-37 lead.

Midway through the second half, the pace picked up and both teams settled on a solid upbeat te

In the final minutes, the Huskies began to pull away, and even Ahmad Starks'  three-ball to make him OSU's all-time leader from beyond the arc wasn't enought to lift the Beavers.