Interviews with Zeller, Olynyc, Carter-Williams

Interviews with Zeller, Olynyc, Carter-Williams
May 16, 2013, 1:30 pm
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NBA Combine: Syracuse Michael Carter-Williams

CHICAGO: Here are three interviews transcribed for your viewing pleasure with three prospects the Portland Trail Blazers could be pursuing when the NBA Draft rolls around: Cody Zeller, Michael Carter-Williams and Kelly Olynyk.

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Cody Zeller, 7-0 center out of Indiana

How did your interview with the Trail Blazers go?

I thought it went well.”

Any questions throw you off while being interviewed?

Not really, I think I'm prepared for pretty much anything. The more they dig, the better for me because I don't have anything to hide.”

Think you'll be a good fit in Portland?

Obviously they need a big guy that can rebound. I've drawn some comparisons to LaMarcus Aldridge, so I think I'll be good in Portland. We'll see what happens.”

Any others teams you think you'll fit at?

There are a few teams that I would be a good fit at, but Portland would be good for me.”

What's your natural position at the next level?

My natural position is the four, I think.

Michael Carter-Williams, 6-6 point guard out of Syracuse

How did your interview with the Trail Blazers go?

It went well. I think they found out what kind of person I am and how I carry myself and who I surround myself with. I think it went well overall.”

Surprised by anything during the interview?

No, not really. I was surprised with how much they knew about my life. I didn't know they did a lot of research on me. It was good. It went well overall.”

What's your natural position?

Point guard. I think that's where I can be best at. I can make plays that way and get the ball and push it. I can hold my team accountable and be a leader.”

Think you can play alongside Damian Lillard?

I think I can play with Damian Lillard. He's a smart player and I believe I'm a smart player myself. I can feed off him and he can feed off me and make each other better. The point guard, he does make plays and brings up the ball, but I think a lot of of it has to do with if I get the rebound, just go. If he gets the rebound then he can go and I run the floor. I think I can make it work.”

Where are you hearing you could go draft?

I'm really not sure, I think anywhere from three to 15. I'm just waiting till those balls drop and the lottery comes out.”

Kelly Olynyk, 7-0 center out of Gonzaga

Heard about the link to you and Portland?

Some people have brought it to my attention. It would be great and I would love to play there. It's a great city. I've been there before because the University of Portland is in our conference. I like the city. The fan base is amazing. It would be great place to play at and I would love to do it if I had the opportunity.”

Have you checked out the Trail Blazers' roster to see if you would make a good addition?

I haven't looked at it too deep in that sense. Obviously I know who plays for their team. Damian Lillard is a great player, LaMarcus Aldridge and then they drafted Meyers Leonard who we played against at Illinois who is a good athlete and good player, as well. They have a bunch of guys and they are really on the rise. They just missed the playoffs this year. They're going to be a good team down the road.”


Cody Zeller, Tony Mitchell, Michael Carter-Williams, Jamal Franklin are the prospects known to have interviewed with the Trail Blazers. Archie Goodwin out of Kentucky, projected to be the 18th overall pick by DraftExpress, says he will interview with the club Saturday.