And Your Favorite Golfer Is ????

And Your Favorite Golfer Is ????
January 9, 2013, 10:15 pm
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Phil---It is no secret, my favorite golfer is Phil Mickelson. I love the way he is an ambassador for the great game of golf, the way he treats the fans, not to mention his gambling style on the golf course.
So today in Crawford's Clubhouse we are going to have a little fun. Please tell us in the comment section, who is your favorite golfer and why? I think the answers will be quite interesting to see and think in terms of both genders, when giving the answer please.
Golf is such an individual sport, that we do seem to learn more about golfers, sometimes maybe more than we need to know. But for sure, at least when they are competing, the world is watching. Do not hold back and I also looking forward to maybe someone we do not know much about, but that person is your favorite. I am even trying to get our rules expert, Jim Gibbons to weight in, as well as our great golf instructor, David Ogrin.

?????---It is time to go to the email screen a segment that many people seem to really love by your emails to me.
"Crawford, do you really think as you wrote that Tiger will win more than one major this year, or was that just to stir us all up"? John---Fairbanks, Alaska
"John, yes, I think he will win the Masters and the U.S. Open, end of story".
"Crawford, for some reason I can't stand you, but I do enjoy Crawford's Clubhouse and Crawford's Court". Jake---Albany, Oregon
"I can live with that".
"Crawford, is there any way we can get both the lesson segment and the rules segments from Gibbons and Ogrin in your blog each time you write it"? Alice, Vancouver, Washington.
"Yes, I will do my best to do just that for you".
"Crawford, how many majors do you think Rory will win in his career"? Jim---Portland, Oregon.
"Jim, I would say right now and after several days of analyzing this :), he wins 12 majors, nothing even close to above that figure".
"Crawford, do you think the LPGA Tour can survive much longer, it just seems like they continue to struggle"? Jasper---Milwaukie, Oregon
"Jasper, the LPGA is not going away, but they do struggle, but consider this, when there is four to choose from, someone always has to be fourth, meaning four major Tours".
"Crawford, what is your favorite golf course of all time that you have played"? Virgil---Vancouver, B.C.
"Great question Virgil and I would have to say, it is Crosswater in Sunriver, Oregon.
"Crawford, if you had to pick one person in the history of golf to make a five-footer for you, who would that be. We get in clubhouse arguments on this subject all the time"? The Boys from Oregon Golf Club
"Boys, great question, but my choice would be Lee Trevino, the guy was an amazing pressure putter".
"Crawford, is golf going to come back as a participants sport"? John---Ellensburg, Washington
"John, only if we have more bright people who know how to grow the game. We also need more places to learn the game and put some teeth in slow play".
"Crawford, stick to basketball at which you are good at, it is a waste of time to have golf on my favorite website,". Dick----Portland, Oregon
"Dick, my emails that I get constantly from golfers would dispute your statement".
"Crawford, why do golf clubs cost so darn much"? Al----Springfield, Oregon
"Al, because there is a market for them, otherwise you would not see prices where they are at this time. With that said, the cost of clubs is too high and someday, it might drop considerably, but until many people realize they do not have to have the supposed best of everything, nothing is going to change".
"More of Ogrin and Gibbons, I mean much more". Willard--Sacramento, California
" I hear you Willard, I hear you loud and clear".

Must Plays---If you are resident of Oregon or vacationing here this spring, summer and fall, every week I give you a must play golf course.
This week it is Broadmoor Golf Course in NE Portland. Very sentimental towards this place only because it is run and owned by the Krieger family, some of the best people in Portland.
Fun to play, rates are so reasonable and lots of ambience, which makes it fun for a course right off a main street in Portland. Great restaurant as well, for sure you will never have a bad experience at Broadmoor Golf Course.

Pick Winner---Hey, did you read Crawford's Clubhouse last Wednesday? If you did, you will know I picked Dustin Johnson to win the Tournament of Champions. So thank you Dustin, for making me look like a genius.

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