Crawford's Clubhouse Once Again Answers Readers' Questions

Crawford's Clubhouse Once Again Answers Readers' Questions
January 31, 2013, 12:15 pm
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?????---Here we go, something you ask for, you write to me about and want more of, questions from readers. My answers. Let's get to it.

"Greg, now that Tiger has won a tournament in 2013, how many wins do you predict for him this year? Jeff---Portland, Oregon

"Jeff, I predict eight wins this year for Tiger, the reason, I have never seen him more relaxed on the golf course, it means something."

"Greg, who wins the majors this year? Roger---Tigard, Oregon

"Roger, here are your winners. Dufner---Masters, Tiger---U.S Open, Rory---British Open and Tiger--PGA Championship

"Greg, what is your favorite golf course to play?" Gene---Bend, Oregon

"Gene, not a homer call, but my favorite course to not only play, but be at,  is Crosswater in Sunriver, Oregon. Love the place."

"Greg, do you have a favorite golfer, that you follow all the time and root for in tournaments?" Linda---Houston, Texas

"Linda, one of the only people, teams or anything to do with sports that I root for is Phil Mickelson. I think the guy is sincerely for real, people love him and he is always there to help the younger players on any issues. You do not see that in golf, where some, maybe even more than some of the players, are terribly spoiled."

"Greg, is there anyone at that can write golf better than you, I do not care for you or your columns?" Joseph---Vancouver, Washington

"Joseph, I actually think that Haynes and Jaynes would do a great job. They might even fill in for me, when I am on assignment at charm school. As you might know they are both 3 handicappers and probably as I write this are out hitting balls on the driving range."

"Greg, why do you like golf so much, your passion for the game shows so well in your writing"? Keith---Sacramento, California

"Keith, I love the game, probably cause my great mother and father loved it, made sure I was introduced to it, despite the fact we were a poor family. I like it for the people I have met, so many, who have become great friends. I like golf cause you can play the game until you die, I love the fact so many beautiful animals make their homes on the golf courses and I love the fact golf is a game of honor, you call penalties on yourself and often you keep your own score. I just love golf, I repeat, I love golf."

"Greg, less of you and more of Ogrin and Gibbons." Jon----Beaverton, Oregon

"Jon, I hear you loud and clear, I think, but you are going to get Ogrin and Gibbons at least once per week, so are you satisfied?"

"Greg, who is the most famous person you have ever played golf with?" Jake----Toronto, Canada

"Jake, that question made me think. I would have to say, Jon Spoelstra, world's most famous sports marketer and responsible for creating more sell outs in sports, than anyone."

"Greg, do you think the day will come when we will not have the LPGA in Portland?" Alice---Beaverton, Oregon

"Alice, I think the answer is yes. At some point I see TGF, the great management group saying, we have had a great ride, all good things have to come to an end and then someone will have to step up to carry the ball. I do not see that someone at present on the horizon."

"Greg, you are really good at predicting things in sports. Will we ever see a major in the state of Oregon?" Willard---North, Portland

"Willard, yes we will. Before 2025, the U.S. Open will be awarded to Bandon Dunes. Get back to me by 2015 and tell me I am right and thank you."

Next Week---David Ogrin and Jim Gibbons as mentioned above, starting next week, will be in Crawford's Court each week all the rest of 2013 and beyond. Also, I would love to hear from you if you reside in the state of Oregon, who are your top nine power brokers in golf. Give me some names, give me some whys. Next week, on February 6th, I will be announcing my famous Top Nine Power Brokers in Oregon golf. You will be shocked at some on the list and some will be easy to figure out, but give me your input, I might even give you credit for your thoughts.

As well, never forget to come to each day for many great things, including our golf page, which is really terrific stuff and updated constantly. Thank you and keep reading, love you as readers.