If you pick the winner of the Masters. you will make headlines

If you pick the winner of the Masters. you will make headlines
April 9, 2013, 5:15 pm
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Crawford's Clubhouse---As always once we get into the golf season, we try and make Crawford's Clubhouse as interactive as possible. After all it is the Clubhouse, where all opinions are welcome, sometimes even a bit heated, but we all walk out as friends and wait for our next round of golf.

And with the Masters starting in two days, it is now up to you to tell me who the winner will be. And if you pick the winner correctly, you will make headlines in Crawford's Clubhouse, in an edition next week, your name will actually appear in the headline of Crawford's Clubhouse. Think about it, much better than giving you a dozen golf balls, as you would just lose those. You will not lose the headline attention,  as your name will appear forever on the internet.

So if you are not bashful, pick the winner in the comment section. If you are bashful, please just email me at GregCrawford@csnnw.com and I will put your name and projected winner in there for you. 

And as an added bonus, I am giving you a "Major" break, since this is the first major of the year. You can even pick the winner after the first round, as the deadline for selection will be Thursday night at midnight, what a deal. So get going, for the real golf fans, I know you will start your selection process right now.

The Majors---How would you rank the majors as per your golf interest? List them in order for me in the comment section, 1 to 4 and give the reason why. Here are my choices, your choices are just as important to me.

1. U.S. Open---I like to see talented players suffer on occasion, it is the world's greatest golf tournament.

2. British Open---Fun to see courses you never get to see or play for the most part. 

3. PGA---There is something special about golf in August, plus it is the last major.

4. Masters---Hard for me to transition from basketball to golf so quickly, that the reason for fourth.

Now your turn, love hearing your golf opinions.

Ogrin and Gibbons---This Friday we will start the popular once a week segments from David Ogrin and Jim Gibbons. Ogrin on golf tips and Gibbons on rules. And your comments and emails are not ever forgotten on liking these segments.

Oh, sorry, did not forget, I pick Jason Dufner to win the Masters.


Greg Crawford, CSNNW.com Golf Insider