Tiger vs. Rory Will Make Golf Special In 2013

Tiger vs. Rory Will Make Golf Special In 2013
January 2, 2013, 7:30 pm
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Rivalries---There is nothing better in sports than rivalries. So many great ones and so many that are hyped, that actually are not really good sports rivalries.

So will this be the year that we see a golf rivalry that matches Jack vs. Arnie, Trevino vs Watson, which have been the two greatest in the history of golf on a professional basis.

The combatants obviously are Rory vs. Tiger. Yes, they do not talk about it in terms of a rivalry, both downplaying anything even close. But reality in this case is greater than perception and it is a budding rivalry that could have a major impact on the game, or could fizzle in a hurry.

It is easy to forget that in 2012, no one was even close to Rory and Tiger on the money list. Rory number one at $8.1 million and Tiger second at 6.1 million. Coming in a distant third was Brandt Snedeker 4.9 million. It is safe to say, there are no players in the world that come close to the talent of Tiger and Rory. They simply are the best two players and no one is going to come close to them this year more than likely in money earnings and wins.

But back to the rivalry. It goes without saying that Tiger is itching to have a huge year and get back to winning a major or more than one. And Rory will not go down easy, he has that burning fire on the inside that makes him a champion. Tiger is still better overall, Rory has to many dry spells, such as last summer when he missed four of five cuts, that never has happened to Tiger in his career.

So I will not hold my breath, but I am looking for a great 2013 out of these two and hoping this rivalry becomes big time, it would be great for the game of golf. And my predictions are famous, so it is time for one. I say in 2013, these two will win three out of the four majors, with Tiger winning two and Rory winning one. Tiger will win the Masters and U.S. Open and Rory will win the PGA.

So what do you think? Do these two players have the will and determination to make 2013 a huge rivalry, or will we just see it fizzle out? Let me know what you think.

Golf Lesson---Multiple PGA winner David Ogrin and now top golf instructor, will once again deliver some powerful golf lessons in Crawford's Clubhouse during 2013.

"David, as a rule of thumb, what are the best clubs to use chipping around the green and what should you look at as to your lie, slope of green and other conditions" ? Thanks from another David----Topeka, Kansas

"David in Topeka, the art of chipping is one area of the game where you will begin to save shots. The short game is the transition from the full swings to the putter. I discovered in college that being a good chipper took pressure off my putting and my irons, so pursuing excellence here is a great idea. I learned by using one club which was a sand wedge and used it for all my shots.

From there as I grew up I added other clubs as I learned a chip and run with an 8-iron. In the mid 80's the high lofted wedges became popular so I became good with the 60 and 64 degree wedge. Lately the hybrid has come along and there are Heinz 57 uses for hybrid around the green.

Now to answer your question, I teach basic chipping with a sand wedge because it is the shortest club, has loft and usually has a big bottom on it to part the grass. I then teach using the hybrid and running the ball along the ground. Then I teach an 8-iron from the collar to minimize the flight time and maximum roll. Finally I teach the flop shot with a lofted wedge. You get good at what you practice. The more you chip the better you will get. Good luck and celebrate when you hole one". David Ogrin

Birdiebits---Lots of buzz and chatter going around that the PGA Tour might move up the anchoring ban that the USGA will impose in 2016. Word around is that the PGA Tour could start the ban as early as the 2013-14 season which starts this October. Interesting to follow this story.

Last year on the PGA Tour, there were 67 times that a player drove the ball 400 yards plus. 41 of those happened at the Kapalua Plantation course, site of this week's Hyundai Tournament of Champions. Big drives this week are coming from Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson. Will we see 475, just might happen.

Winner---Each week, this year I will pick the winner of each tournament on all four Tours. So my pick this week is the long hitting Dustin Johnson, actually I think he will four times this year, he is due to have a break out season, why not 2013.

Must Plays---Each week I give you a must play in the state of Oregon, my home state, just in case you might be vacationing here this year or are a resident, looking for something new.

Elkhorn Valley Golf Course does not get much attention, cause it is caught somewhat between the golf rich Willamette Valley of Oregon and the equally golf rich of Central Oregon. But the Lyons, Oregon course is a wonderful layout, peaceful and the price is right. Great for a day trip or a stopover on your way to Central Oregon. You will love it, one of the best kept secrets in Oregon Golf.

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