Tim Finchem Makes Major Announcement On Anchoring Ban

Tim Finchem Makes Major Announcement On Anchoring Ban
February 24, 2013, 2:30 pm
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Tim Finchem has made his decision and it has sent shock ways through all of golf.

Finchem announced within the hour, that the PGA Tour is in opposition to  the anchoring ban, which the USGA and R&A (the governing bodies for the rules of golf) have proposed to take place starting in 2016.

"Essentially, where the PGA Tour came down on this, was that we did not think an anchoring ban was in the best interest of the PGA Tour." said Finchem.

Anchoring has been hotly debated in the last six months, even since the USGA made their announcement on putting the ban on anchoring, starting in 2016. The Finchem announcement will have a major impact on golf. It will be interesting to see if the USGA and R&A back off from their potential ban, or stick with their future plans.

Obviously as he does with every decision as Commissioner, Tim Finchem listened intently to what players on the PGA Tour had to say and then made a decisive move. His words spoke volumes in today's announcement, especially, "there is not enough evidence to support the fact that anchoring gives a player a competitive advantage."

On the PGA Tour this is over for now, but on the amateur side, this is long from over and I think the USGA has to rethink their position and rethink it in a hurry. The final decision on the anchoring ban will come later this spring, after the USGA comment period from golfers expires soon, after a 90 period.

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