Will Speed Golf, Help Speed Up Golf ?

Will Speed Golf, Help Speed Up Golf ?
March 7, 2013, 10:45 am
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Speed Golf---Tim Scott has some ambitious plans and also lots of work ahead of him.

Scott is the newly appointed executive director of Speed Golf International (www.speedgolfinternational.com) and he wants to move the organization forward in rapid fashion. And having a half hour show on CBS, prior the the Saturday Showing of the Masters in April just might be the ticket. The event event was filmed this past fall at Bandon Dunes and promises to be a great presentation of just what Speed Golf is all about.

Speed Golf has been around for the last 15 years, with some success, mostly due to small tournaments and exhibitions. Scott hopes to change all that and bring it into the big time, with more professional events, more TV exposure and more amateurs participating regularly.

"The timing is right", said Scott, a former state of Oregon pro who now makes his home in Sacramento. "We feel we have a good product, which has plenty of room for people to participate on both the amateur and professional level. With so much emphasis on getting everyone into better physical condition, we would also hope that Speed Golf would be an attraction for children, who are looking for some alternatives in sports. With so many people worried about the obesity issue, we hope to be part of the solution, which is always good."

Speed Golf is fun, if you have ever had a chance to participate or watch. It basically boils down on the professional level to having the best combined score and time. "It gets people's attention when someone goes out and shoots a 69, in a time of 50 minutes," said Scott. 

Obviously this is not for everyone, but there are plenty of people who I am sure would love to play Speed Golf. And for the people it is not for, it might help them as well, thinking that you can have fun playing a great game, while playing a little faster. In most cases there are two reasons why people who start the game, quit. Lack of places to learn the game and slow play. Slow play is killing the game of golf, so anything that can draw attention to people playing faster on the golf course has to help.

Yes, Speed Golf has some challenges ahead, any tweaking of a major sport, always has challenges. But I like the concept, it has merit in the crazy world of sports and hopefully it will draw some attention to a major problem in golf, slow play.

Best to Tim Scott, I hope this sports goes big time, cause you can never argue against golf and physical fitness, plus something really fun to watch.


Greg Crawford, CSNNW.com Golf Insider