All Signs Point Strongly To A Reveno Return At U of Portland

All Signs Point Strongly To A Reveno Return At U of Portland
February 12, 2013, 4:00 pm
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Portland Pilots---Several sources close to the U of Portland basketball program have indicated to me that without question Eric Reveno will return for the 2013-14 season, barring his wanting to leave on his own. 

In fairness, Scott Leykam the U of Portland athletic director has been consistent in his response to the future of Reveno. " I evaluate all of our coaches on a regular basis, I do not judge things on one game or performance and in my position I have to look at what is best for the University of Portland and our student-athletes," Leykam recently told me. Leykam has not indicated his stance publicly on the future of Reveno.

Personally I am excited about the U of Portland future with Leykam at the helm. As the kids say nowadays, "he gets it". He is also candid, but cordial, you can tell he is the boss, but a boss who sees the big picture and cares about the future.

The Reveno record in the last five years at U of Portland is a mixed bag, with last two years being disappointing. To this point in 2013, the last two years have seen the Pilots win only five WCC league games and an overall record of 16-40. The prior three seasons saw a ray of sunshine on The Bluff with winning seasons and post-season play, something the U of Portland is not use too.

The future? According to my numerous sources the speculation at least for next year can end, "Rev" will return, hopefully to seeing an improvement from his players and improved attendance.

Attendance---On February 23rd, I was looking forward to seeing a doubleheader in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. Santa Clara at University of Portland and Cal-Riverside playing Portland State in the Stott Center. Now I will not be able to see both games in their entirety as the Portland State game will have a 1:05 tipoff and the Pilot game 2:00.

I am never going to give up on getting more people to attend college basketball games, but situations like this put a dent in my efforts. Most of the time these two teams have starting times of 7:00 and 7:30, but the Pilot game will be on TV, thus a matinee affair. And I can't knock the Vikings for playing in the afternoon, after all they made a nice gesture to Cal-Riverside to play in afternoon so they could get back to California that night.

It would have been nice for this to happen under the above scenario. How about the Portland State game with a noon or 4:05 tipoff, thus allowing many more people to attend both games. I can tell you, there are roughly 40 fans who constantly attend games at both schools, you get the picture, in this case they are now going to have to choose.

Craw's Nine---The top nine teams per my ranking that play basketball in the six leagues in the western half of the country. And once again, this is not totally on overall record, it is in the moment, so there is always some surprises.

9. New Mexico State---Marvin Menzies continues to do a great job with not that much talent for the Aggies.

8. Weber State---Randy Rahe has his team rolling, do they have enough to beat Montana on Thursday night?

7. Colorado---Anytime you come to the Willamette Valley and sweep, as the Buffs did last week, they make Craw's Nine

6. Denver---Yes, Joe Scott, is a coach once again no one has heard of,  that is terrific. Cougs would be wise to look at him to replace Bone.

5. Colorado State---Having an unexpected, but marvelous season in the ever so tough Mt. West.

4. St. Mary's---They get Gonzaga Thursday night, we will see, major match-up.

3. Montana---Wayne Tinkle, Wayne Tinkle and more Wayne Tinkle, not to mention my guy Will Cherry.

2. La. Tech---Best story in basketball this season, 21-3 overall and 12-0 in WAC Conference. with only one senior.

1. Gonzaga---Who else? Convinced more and more they make the Final Four this year.

Mac's Message---"Coach Mac, you have talked extensively about Portland State basketball this year on many subjects, but what will it take for us to get back  to the top tier of the Big Sky next year?" Sharon---SE Portland

"Sharon, thank you for your interest and question on Viking basketball. The coaches and team love our fans always.

First we need to recruit well-we have to replace three starters, Michael Harthun, Renado Parker and Lateef McMullen. We need to secure the best available talent. Secondly we need to improve our field goal percentage defense. Opponents are shooting way too well against us. Some of this is our opponents shooting well and some is of our own doing. The last thing we need to do is stay healthy. This has been an unreal year in the terms of injuries and missed games. There are some things teams can do to limit injuries, but some of the things are out of our control.  Certainly you have a strength and conditioning program and that can limit some injuries during the year, but not totally.

So in conclusion, we need to recruit extremely well, play much better defense and condition our team to be as injury free as possible. Thanks for the good question Sharon and keep following us please." Andy McClouskey, Portland State assistant basketball coach.

Scores---A bad run as of late, but I am going to finish strong, count on it.

2/13 Oregon (75) at Washington (84) This might be the Huskies' Super Bowl

2/14 Gonzaga (70) at St. Mary's (68) Gaels are good, but Zags are much, much better.

2/14 Arizona (65) at Colorado (63) This is a must win for Zona, but Buffs so tough and an underrated team.

2/14 Montana (56) at Weber State (59) Could be one of best college basketball games of the week, two very good teams.

"100 in 90"---Up to 73 games now, with half month to go, so we will see. Pushing hard to get to 100, if not in 90 days, at least by middle of March. Don't beat me up, I tried, kept my game face on and am committed to college basketball on all levels.

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