Can Never Ignore The Readers Of, The Best In Basketball

Can Never Ignore The Readers Of, The Best In Basketball
December 22, 2012, 12:45 am
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By Greg Crawford, College Basketball Insider, @wchoops
From The Email Screen---I respond back to most people that email me, but sometimes I love to answer questions and today is the day. So hold on, even if you do not like my answers. It is fun and you can always comment on the question and answer.
"Greg, do you think Oregon State will go to the NCAA tournament this year, after a 22 year absence"? Roger-Corvallis Oregon.
Roger, I do think they will be in the NCAA tournament come March. The Beavers have the talent, what scares me is the lack of big people depth and the fact that those big men who play, can't make free throws, thus making it easy for opponents to foul them down the end.
"Greg, my Ducks are so dominant in sports, will they be back in the NCAA tournament this season"? Dick--Eugene, Oregon
Dick, of course the Ducks will be in the tournament this season. You can count on it, put it in the book. And if you want to learn more about the Ducks, just watch Talkin Ducks coming up on Comcast SportsNet the first week in January.
"Greg, you always tout Gonzaga, I have to think you are a graduate, they are not that good". George---Tacoma, Washington
George, not even close to being a Zag graduate. I went to an academic school, not Gonzaga and a school that could advance in the postseason. But with that said, I say Zags in the final four this year, for the first time ever, how does that sound.
"Greg, I just do not see Colorado as being a good team, like you always seem to claim, am I wrong"? Roger---Denver, Colorado
Roger, you are not wrong, it is just in a football conference like the Pac-12, we seem to tie in schools that are bad in football, just assuming they will be bad in basketball. It was not good for the Buffs to lose at Wyoming and then get blown out by Kansas. I still think even with a young team they are going to finish third in Pac-12 regular season.
"Greg, what makes you think you know so much about basketball and I wish Comcast had someone else doing this besides you"? Larry---Chehalis, Washington
Larry I know so much because I am old and I have lifetime contract with Comcast, so do not mess with Crawford's Court :).
"Greg, are you ever afraid of Richard Lucas on the set of Talkin Ducks, you give him lots of grief and he is so much bigger than you"? April--Northwest, Portland
April, Richard's mom likes me, so I am safe for now, but thanks for your concern.
"Greg, who is the best player in your opinion in the WCC"? Jake---Santa Clara, California
Jake, seeing where your from, of course the best player is Kevin Foster of the Broncos, kidding aside, I firmly believe he is the best player.
"Greg, care to pick a team that might schock everyone in the Pac-12"?---Jonathan---Seattle, Washington
USC, they have some talent, plus some very good big people. It might be time for them to explode in the league, watch how they play in month of January.
"Greg, you seem to have lots of knowledge about Seattle University, I keep waiting for a good team here, but still waiting. Is Cameron Dollar on the hot seat as coach"? Fran---Seattle, Washington
Yes, getting warmer all the time for my money.
"Greg, is Lorenzo Romar, ever going to leave Washington"? Gregory---Bellingham, Washington
I did not feel this way two years past, but now I think he is lifer at his alma mater, does a very good job and one day will have a final four team for the Huskies
"Greg, of Oregon's four D-1 schools, which of the four coaches will either be fired or leave for another job first"? Charles--Salem, Oregon
Charles, excellent as are most of the questions asked of me, I would say Dana Altman. I think he will leave in the next three years, the other three, Reveno, Geving and Robinson will be present for long, long time at their schools.
"Greg, do you follow the professional game, as closely as the NBA"? Sandy---Sellwood, Portland, Oregon
Yes, I love all basketball, as much as I can I even follow high school basketball, love the game of basketbll and actually do not like football, but keep up on it some.
"Greg, who is going to be coach of the year in the Pac-12 this season"? Cary--Burbank, California
Cary, that would be Ben Howland, I say the Bruins still have great chance of either winning the conference tournament andor the regular season.
"Greg, do you have a favorite basketball team that you actually root for and follow all the time"? Garrett---Bozeman, Montana
Garrett, yes I do, it is any team that Rick Adelman coaches. I think he is one of the best coaches, managers, I have ever seen in all of sports and not to discount, how much of a quality person he is.
"Greg, who is the best college basketball player you have ever seen on the west coast"? Kathy--Pendleton, Oregon
My answer might shock you, but it is Stan Love when he played at Oregon. There is a reason, Kevin is a super-star.
"Greg, what do you think of the Pac-12 network"? James---Sacramento, California
Excellent network, high quality work they put out, especially in basketball
"Greg, do you see a rising star in the basketball coaching ranks I should watch out for in the next few years"? Keith----Phoenix, Arizona
How about several that I think are doing good work now and have a bright future, which no one talks about these guys. Rod Barnes, Kerry Keating, Jim Hayford, Tyler Geving and Bob Cantu at USC. I know I miss many, so I apologize, but those are just a few.
Once again Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and next Friday, after giving them a week off, we will be back with Wolf's World, My Adopted Team and cranking it up on 2013 NBA draft picks now in college, plus Craw's Nine Top Coaches. and twiiter@wchoops