Ducks Are An NCAA Tourney Team: Mark It Down

Ducks Are An NCAA Tourney Team: Mark It Down
January 11, 2013, 12:00 am
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March Madness---Not even going out on limb here, the Oregon Ducks will be in the NCAA tournament come March.

Yes, one game does not make a season, not even a week, but a great team does make an NCAA tournament team and the Ducks are as such.

Oregon has depth, they have shooters, they have an inside presence that at times is scary and most importantly they have great coaching.

Do not be fooled by the final score in the end of the Arizona game tonight, the Ducks are a better team at present. And what is great about the Ducks, they have no super-stars, not even close, but they do have a team and a wonderful team as evidenced by their play so far this year, not just in the Arizona game. No, they will not win the Pac-12 regular season, as that will go to UCLA, but they could easily finish second.

Going forward the Ducks can't have an injury to either of their big men, Tony Woods or Waverley Austin. The also need to have an above average night each game off the bench from Jonathan Loyd. And they need to continue to be high in a stat no one talks about, steals, as evidenced by their 10 steals against Arizona.

Something to keep in mind as well. As the season progresses, it is important to watch the schedule, as with this crazy unbalanced schedule of the Pac-12, it is important who you don't play on the road. As luck will have it, the Ducks do not travel to the desert this year, avoiding what has been pretty much a disaster over the years, with so many losses on the road to Arizona and Arizona State. Conversely, they do not get UCLA and USC at home.

Mark it down, do not put it in pencil, put it in green and gold ink, Ducks are going to the NCAA tournament in 2013.