FEW & Far Postseason Success, Yes It's Time For A Change

FEW & Far Postseason Success, Yes It's Time For A Change
March 24, 2013, 8:30 am
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I am a patient person, perhaps at times way too patient. But when it comes to Gonzaga basketball and I do respect the program, it is time for a new coach. Mark Few has run his course and not crossed the finish line, even once in postseason.

Well documented, the Zags perhaps under Few are the greatest regular season team in the history of sports. 16 straight appearances in West Coast Conference tournament and 12 out of 13 regular season championships. In the WCC they have no real challenger or rival, cause no one is ever able to beat them during the season.

But when it comes to NCAA tournament time, it tells all that under Few, despite some enormous talent, no appearances in the Elite 8. Maybe a tipoff should come from the fact that during the regular season, Mark Few's record against AP Top 25 teams in 24-44. 

And of course this year was the year. Ranked number one in the country and with a number one NCAA seed, plus due to some huge upsets a really nice path was cleared for the Bulldogs to advance to Final Four from their region, something I and many others with respected basketball credentials expected. But a Gregg Marshall coached team called the Wichita State Shockers has different ideas and once again Gonzaga returned to Spokane, with little to show in the NCAA tournament.

There is a reason that on every job performance evaluation, there is a segment, "Can the employee adapt to change?" Mark Few has never been able to adapt to change when it comes to the NCAA tournament and that is exactly why Gonzaga needs to adapt to change and bring in a new coach, who can win in postseason.

Since my advice always comes at a great price, FREE, here is a little suggestion for Gonzaga AD Mike Roth. Bring in Ben Howland, who is being let go at UCLA unfairly. Howland does know how to win in postseason, having taken the Bruins to three straight Final Fours, 2006-08.

And do I dare keep going. Mark Few would make a great coach at Seattle University, where the Redhawks have had horrible success under Cameron Dollar.

Yes, there is a reason employees need to adapt to change, it is big part of life and so is change necessary when a coach continually fails in the postseason, after a constant sterling performance during the regular season. Gonzaga, please "adapt to change."

Greg Crawford, CSNNW.com College Basketball Insider