Handshakes Work In Business, Not On Basketball Court

Handshakes Work In Business, Not On Basketball Court
February 25, 2013, 3:45 pm
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Eliminate This---Its time has come, as matter of fact, it is strongly overdue. College and for that matter all basketball teams need  to eliminate this silly line-up of players and coaches after each game shaking hands. It is a joke, it does not need to happen and with the NCAA Tournament on the horizon, what a great time it would be to say, this event after games has run its course.

Of course some would say it is good sportsmanship. Baloney. It is bad sportsmanship to make a losing and winning team stand out there after the game and go through this useless exercise. Before the game is the time to wish the opponent good luck. I for one am sick of seeing it, I feel sorry for the people who have to go through it and I would applaud vigorously the first coach that takes him team off the floor and says we have had enough of this nonsense.

Shake hands before the game. Have the players line up on the floor, greet each other after the National Anthem is played and then get out of dodge once the game is over. And one final note, over the years, there has been some dustups regarding this after game line-up thing, there is bound to be more down the road, so be a little proactive, don't give a dustup a chance of even starting. 

Strong Statement---Always fun to catch up with the outstanding coach of the Santa Clara Broncos, Kerry Keating, who is having a terrific year this season with 20 wins. We will have some extended comments from Keating later this week, but here is just little sample of what he told me last weekend, when we met for lunch. "No question, the Gonzaga Bulldogs should be a number one seed in the NCAA Tournament. They are deep, talented and have proven they can win at home and on the road." Keating's comments should not be taken lightly, as he not only has played Gonzaga twice this year, but he also played on the road, against what more than likely will be another number one seed, Duke. In the December 29th game, Keating's team played a great first half at Cameron Indoor Arena, trailing Duke by two at halftime, going on to lose in the end, 90-77.

Richard Lucas---It is no secret, I love doing Talkin Ducks with Jordan Kent and Richard Lucas. Richard and I often disagree on basketball issues (he is always wrong), but in the end, we have become outstanding friends. For those that don't know Richard, he is kind, respectful, intelligent and when he drops me off where I leave my car, he always waits to see that my car starts. Another words, a true gentleman. 

So does anything get Richard riled up? Two words, Gary Payton. "Gary Payton is a loud mouth, trash talking basketball player, who never realized when we were opponents, his constant trash talking fired me up and to this day, I really have no use for the guy." says Lucas in his always low tone of voice.  Sounds to me on Civil War basketball week, just a Duck, talking normally about a Beaver or vice versa. This I can say, Gary Payton will not be coming over for Christmas dinner at the Lucas household.

Mac's Message--- "Coach Mac, Crawford wrote about the Vikings dropping football and going D-2 in basketball. I disagree with him, but I also respect his overall point of where does athletics stand at Portland State. Your thoughts please and is the Big Sky the right Conference for PSU?" Dennis ----Sellwood area of Portland.

"Agreeing with Crawford on this one, not at all. He has points that can be considered, but he is not the President of PSU or the Commissioner of the Big Sky Conference. At one time I am sure most PSU fans were happy with the Big Sky affiliation. There was a time when the two were just a dream and not a reality.

Dropping football is not a good idea at all. Dropping sports, especially  football should never happen. I think the school year starts off with football and sets the tone for all sports the rest of the season. Dropping football does not assure you that the other sports will excel.

Going to D-2 is another bad Crawford idea. Going backwards should never be an option.

The Big Sky is the right league for us in terms of academics, budgets and being D-1. I don't see another conference in the west that lines up with our profile academically. Let's be clear here, the Pac-12 is not calling.

Getting more people into the Stott Center for basketball attendance is an issue and an issue for lots of schools. There is no easy answer on this one. Dropping football, divisions and changing leagues does not address reality or any attendance issues.

Dennis this is a great question, keep them coming and thanks for your support of Portland State athletics and basketball. The great thing about sports is the debate, that is why there is sports talk radio and that is why everyone at PSU, despite his bad suggestions on these issues, totally respects Crawford." Thanks---Coach Andy McClouskey----Portland State University, assistant basketball coach.

Scores---More predictions coming up on Friday, but a big Thursday night game, to get out to all you great readers.

Oregon State (55) at Oregon (90)---The score says it all, including the type of season both schools are having.

Greg Crawford, CSNNW.com College Basketball Insider