Ducks Beat Frenzied Huskies 65-62

Ducks Beat Frenzied Huskies 65-62
February 13, 2013, 9:30 pm
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It was a frenetic battle from start to finish, but the Ducks pulled out a thirteen-point win over the Huskies, 65-52. They are now 20-5, overall 8-3 in Pac-12 Play.

Arsalan Kazemi led the Ducks tonight with 11 points, 7 rebounds and John Loyd put together a powerful second half offensive performance, despite a hard hit that took him out late.

On the down side, the Ducks were out-rebounded 32-37 and shot just 56% from the free throw line. But it was a much cleaner game, with just 9 turnovers- much improved from the 20+ average last week.

The Game:
Oregon opened with fast and quick offense, putting up 33-27 in the first half.

A crowd-pleaser dunk by Gaddy put the Huskies at 15-14, giving them their first lead of the game, but the Ducks were eager to prove it would be short-lived. The Huskies had the lead just once during the first half and the Ducks were quick to return to put a few points between them.

Oregon kept a several-point lead, though never more than eight points in the first. Both the Ducks and Huskies were playing fast offense, which looked frantic at times as both teams scrambled to hold onto the ball on offense

Gaddy lead the Huskies, bringing back the momentum at times, and had 17 points and 7 rebounds against the Ducks. Wilcox scored just nine points all night, struggling to work through a stress fracture. Simmons was limping down the court at one point.

Jonathan Loyd had 7 points in the second half before a bad landing on his left ankle or knee forced him to limp off the court. He walked away with 11 points; looks like that shooting percentage he was struggling with of late is on the rise.

The Ducks kept up the momentum in the second half, and any time the Huskies went on a run. The Ducks answered right back.

Oregon takes on Washington State in Pullman this Saturday at 4PM.