Josh Huff found not guilty of DUII

Josh Huff found not guilty of DUII
January 24, 2013, 6:15 pm
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Oregon Ducks wide receiver Josh Huff was found not guilt of DUII charges stemming from an arrest back in March of 2012 by a Eugene jury Thursday afternoon.

The trial, which began Wednesday, concluded after approximately three hours of deliberation by the 6-person jury. Eugene Police officers’ testimony contended that Huff was under the influence of marijuana when he was pulled over for speeding and arrested last March near campus.

Huff testified Thursday, explaining how it was late at night and he was going to help friends and take them home and that the cold weather may have been a cause for skewed results. Huff confessed that although he had attended a party earlier in the evening where people were smoking marijuana, that he himself had not been smoking. Huff told KEZI that he is excited and relieved that he was found not guilty, that it is “a big relief off his shoulders”

Huff was fined, however, for not having a valid license at the time of his arrest.