Rob Mullens Addresses Media Regarding Chip Kelly Departure

Rob Mullens Addresses Media Regarding Chip Kelly Departure
January 16, 2013, 2:30 pm
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AD Mullens Opening Statements of Chip Kelly's Departure

The following are a list of quotes from UO AD Rob Mullens from Wednesday's news conference:

"The decision was made when he called me."

"What we want is someone who understands the culture… want someone who has proven excellence and has been around winning programs… we want to compete in Pac12 Championships and be in BCS Bowl Games…"

"Our coaches will continue to make connections with student athletes. (in regards to recruiting)."

"When he had called me the Sunday after the Fiesta Bowl I did think that was it… He explained to me that he had arrived at his decision…I did not expect this to happen."

Mullens said he “wasn’t relieved (about Chip not leaving) until all of the NFL spots were filled.”

"We have a number of internal candidates… we’ve got several coaches on our staff who have the experience and background to be head coaches…but we will also talk to others outside of the program."

"We had already done a lot of groundwork and started the process knowing that Chip was going to be talking to the Eagles, Browns and Bills."

"That was the last time that we had spoken about NFL (last Sunday)."

"There are a lot of variables that will weigh in (to the process of choosing a coach)."

"If Chip’s heart is in the NFL, that’s where he belongs… I have great respect for him as a person and coach…"

"We have a very veteran staff… we have an offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator that manage both sides."

"He (Chip) did not put in any specific plug (for a new coach,), he was clear that he thinks we have the best staff in college football."

"There is a buyout clause in the contract and I don’t know if it will be managed by the Eagles or the coach. It’s really on the coach."

"The clause is very specific, that it is paid over the remainder of the contract."

"We’re gonna take all of the information that we can to make the best decision that we can. We will weigh a lot of factors. Continuity, style of play and past success will matter."

"We will be interviewing multiple candidates."

"Timing is less than ideal no doubt."

"Our assistant coaches will remain on the road."

"We’re not gonna sacrifice the future of the program based on the timeline."

"We’re gonna be thorough and find the right fit for Oregon football."

"I do not feel mislead at all. I think that the process is going exactly as is and I think that after the decision (Chip) continued to wrestle with it."

"Oregon fans are some of the most loyal and passionate in sports… I’m confident that the fans are proud of where we are and trust that we will find the right leader."

"We have pledged our full commitment to the process, which means that we can’t talk about the process."

"If I learned anything last year is that I didn’t communicate enough with the assistant coaches."

"I think we do things the right way here and I have confidence that people know that."

"I laid out with the players what I shared with you today."

"There is no doubt in my mind (that he will not stay.) He is the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles."

"We will have a few (assistant coaches) that will be interested in the position."

"Chip is a great leader. I learned a lot from him and have enjoyed working with him."