Things Fall Apart: Ducks Lose to Stanford 52-76

Things Fall Apart: Ducks Lose to Stanford 52-76
January 30, 2013, 10:15 pm
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Not to rip the scab off a festering wound, but the last time an Oregon team came into a game with a 7-0 Pac-12 record, they lost to Stanford by a field goal and found themselves playing for a consolation prize in Glendale, AZ.

But it wasn't the Cardinal players who spoiled things for the Oregon football team, it was the Ducks themselves. And tonight, perhaps the Duck basketball team did the same thing. Maybe it was the absence of Dominic Artis. Maybe it was the distraction of rank. But somewhere, something cracked.

Then again, the Cardinal were favored in this game.

Nothing was easy for the Ducks in the first half. Ten turnovers. 0-6 from beyond the arc. 18-22 from the floor. Out-rebounded 11-18.  Johnathan Loyd and E.J. Singler were both scoreless. To put it mildly, they were struggling. 

The Ducks have come back from a deficit to win games before, but this one seemed, well, different.

Early on, Arsalan Kazemi took a blow to the face on a rebound, putting him on the training table in the crucial establishing moments. Swiftly, Stanford got into the lead. Johnny Loyd played hard on defense, but with the Cardinal reading their press with precision, it wasn't enough.

At just under four minutes left in the half, Oregon was staring down the barrel of it's first conference loss, 27-19.

The Ducks displayed no semblance of offensive structure in the first twenty minutes. They just couldn't settle down. While their confidence in shooting waned, their ability to limit Stanford's Chasson Randle also struggled; he racked up ten points heading into the half, while team mate Dwight Powell led with ten rebounds.

In the second half, E.J Singler came out with some fire, getting his first field goal and the Ducks' first three of the night. He then missed his next three-pointer on a wide open shot. Things just weren't working for him at Maple Pavilion.

With 16:14 to go, Stanford created it's largest lead, up 41-25. The Ducks had yet to make a run.

This was Stanford's coming out party, and the Ducks were tossing out three-pointers to Chasson Randle like handfuls of confetti.

The #10 team in the country was down 23 points with 11:54 in the game.

Ducks racked up 18 turnovers with under ten minutes to play. Granted, their tempo lends itself to a higher TO rate, but at this point, it was time to look away.

On the bright side, Arsalan Kazemi had 6 points and 9 boards with seven minutes remaining.

The Ducks walked away shooting 30% from the field with 20 turnovers.

A team that averaged over 70 points a game managed just 52 in tonight's game.

Dana Altman and Co. fly home tonight. No doubt, they've got some soul searching to do before boarding that plane again this weekend.

The Ducks are still a top ten team. They just have to find another way to prove it.

(Tipoff vs. Cal at 1:30, Feb 2nd.)