The 49ers looked unprepared... as were the officials

The 49ers looked unprepared... as were the officials
February 4, 2013, 9:15 am
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A few thoughts on the Super Bowl:

  • San Francisco shocked me with how unprepared it appeared to be right from the first play of the game. Seriously, you've got two weeks to get ready for this game and then on the first play, you wipe out a 20-yard gain because you were lined up incorrectly? You covered the tight end? How does that happen? That's on the coaching staff. You just haven't practiced that key play enough if you can't even line up right to execute it.
  • Ugh, the final four plays of the game on the San Francisco side were ridiculous. Four plays to score the winning touchdown and neither Frank Gore nor Colin Kaepernick carry even once? And rolling Kaepernick out is not a great play, either -- it cuts the field in half. Just drop him back and let him pick an open receiver or just tuck the ball in and run -- it was working pretty well all season.
  • The two-point play that would have tied the game for San Francisco was also a fiasco. My goodness, give yourself at least a chance to score. Again, that's preparation. San Francisco had to know from the first half onward that it would probably need a two-point play. That's the best you have?
  • Ray Lewis. Yeah, he was the guy the 49ers exploited all day long by throwing at whatever receiver he was trying to cover. Please, let's not make this game all about him.
  • Joe Flacco is pretty good.
  • So is my brother's home theater setup, which features reclining chairs, surround sound, a screen bigger than about 50 of my TVs put together and a refrigerator close enough my nephew had little trouble grabbing a diet soda for me whenever I wanted it. I have said this before but at some point, why would anyone want to brave the hassle (and power outages) of a live game when you can stay at home and see the game better than you would in person?
  • The game officials were petrified to be there all day long. Yes, they missed some holding calls late in the game, but all evening they seemed afraid to call major penalties. And please, all you idiots who think "the players should decide the games" -- I agree. But they can't if officials don't call flagrant penalties. At that point, the officials are deciding the games by NOT calling penalties.
  • I'm just asking, OK: Were people excited about the halftime show because of the way Beyonce looked or the way she sang? Seriously, just wondering.
  • Whatever family reunion the Harbaugh family has scheduled for this summer, I'm pretty sure Jim will ruin it.

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