Do you really WANT the Blazers to start winning again?

Do you really WANT the Blazers to start winning again?
January 23, 2013, 9:30 am
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The season is at the halfway point and the Portland Trail Blazers are on a six-game losing streak. I think, at the start of this season, a lot of us would not have been surprised to hear about a six-game losing streak at some point this year. But at the same time, this has still left Portland just a game under the .500 mark. THAT part is surprising.

The big question, of course, is do you really want the team to straighten out and get back on the winning track or would you rather it just began a drive toward the best possible draft choice? To tell you the truth, I hate to even present the question because it's hard to think about that while watching a team play very hard every night and a coaching staff, led by Terry Stotts, work so hard to maximize the chances of winning.

But facts are facts. Portland, over the long haul, needs more talent. More guys who can play. The draft is the first and best chance to do that. There's always a big argument about whether it's best to make the playoffs (don't forget, there's a monetary incentive for those home playoff games) or finish just out of them. But certainly there's not much of an argument about this: If you're going to finish ninth in the conference, one game out of a playoff spot, you might as well finish 12th in the conference and get a better draft pick. Out of the playoffs is out of the playoffs.

But I'm interested in taking YOUR temperature. While I know there are die-hard Trail Blazer fans who want the team to win every game, there are other fans who would rather sacrifice games this season if it means a quicker path to greater success. Lose now so you can win later.

But I want to know what you think. Leave your comments here, back them up with some logic (or not, whatever the case may be), and I promise I'll read every single one and comment back when appropriate.