Of the Hall of Fame, Chip Kelly, OSU football, and the Winterhawks

Of the Hall of Fame, Chip Kelly, OSU football, and the Winterhawks
January 10, 2013, 2:30 pm
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There's something to say about a lot of things today, so let me just get out the old notebook and do this the old fashioned way -- a notes column full of random thoughts, potshots and hotshots:

-- The Baseball Hall of Fame voting came out yesterday and nobody got voted in. Given the number of deserving candidates, that's a shame. Dale Murphy, Tim Raines, Lee Smith -- I'd have voted for those guys for sure. It's so ironic to me that people leave players off their ballot for character and integrity reasons but they don't vote for Murphy, who went to Portland's Wilson High school and was an Atlanta Braves icon for more than a decade, still stands as a shining example of what major-league baseball players should be. And yes, he's the only multiple-MVP winner from the National League other than Barry Bonds not to be in the Hall. It was his last year of eligibility, too, but I do expect the veteran's committee to put him in at some point.

-- Chip Kelly apparently made a lot of people happy when he turned down the Cleveland Browns -- both in Oregon and in Cleveland. A recent poll in the Cleveland Plain Dealer says that 69.41 percent of responders were relieved Kelly said no to the Browns. 17.59 percent said they weren't sure and just 13 percent said they were disappointed Kelly turned the Browns down and thought he would've been great. There were more than 18,000 votes cast in the poll.

-- Just a short postscript to the Oregon State loss at the Alamo Bowl. I've thought since Mike Riley's early days as head coach of the Beavers he needed an assistant coach on the sidelines to help him with game and clock management. There have been previous issues. Everybody I bump into who knows I was at that game wants to ask me why OSU didn't get a timeout at the end of the first half to attempt a field goal. The Beavers missed that chance and the Longhorns took momentum into the locker room at halftime. I'll always feel Oregon State should have won that game and I think Riley should consider some help on the sideline in matters concerning timeouts, down and distance, clock management and late-game strategy.

-- The Portland Winterhawks continue to run roughshod over the Western Hockey League and if you haven't been out to see this team, you should, because it's special. The league, in an embarrassing attempt to derail the Hawks, continues to resist Portland's attempts to appeal the ridiculous penalties it received from the WHL early this season. It seems to be the only league in the world without an appeal process, which is incredible. But that's fine, I'm just waiting to see what sort of penalty Swift Current, Medicine Hat or one of those other little Canadian franchises, gets when it violates the same rules. Any fine of over about a thousand bucks would put those teams out of business.