Is it too much to ask NBA rookies and sophomores to actually PLAY?

Is it too much to ask NBA rookies and sophomores to actually PLAY?
February 16, 2013, 1:00 pm
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Yeah, I know, I'm old school. I probably don't get it.

But let me ask you this -- is what you saw Friday night in the "Rising Stars" game something you'd pay to see? My goodness, you certainly can't accuse these kids of not learning from the league's veteran players. The NBA All-Star Game has turned into a joke and the rookies and sophomores certainly emulated that Friday. David Stern should be embarrassed and whomever now is in charge of the Players Association should feel even worse.

The Harlem Globetrotters play harder.

It was half speed, at best. The All-Star Games have turned into a joke. Just let everyone shoot threes until someone dives to the basket for a lob and dunk. Yeah, I know, everybody loves dunks. But uncontested stuff from real NBA players? Not so much. Damian Lillard's media session was probably rougher on him than that game. I felt sorry for him even being in that environment. This kid isn't the sort of "look-at-me" hot dog who thrives on games like that.

I thought it was embarrassing. In fact, these guys have to go a lot harder on the playground than they did Friday. And maybe I'm the only one who cares about it. Perhaps the young people at home watching don't know any other way. They never saw the games in the old days when guys went out and actually tried to win the game. Players used to have pride in not letting another all-star score on them -- particularly on a dunk. Of course in those days, the winning-team bonus was important because players didn't make a whole lot of money.

I realize nobody wants to get hurt. But come on, an average NBA practice scrimmage puts this stuff to shame. I don't think it's too much to ask that these guys go out and play a real game. Play hard for a bit. You don't have to do it very long because there are enough good players nobody has to play too many minutes.

I can't even imagine what a joke Sunday's All-Star Game is going to be. Probably just a LeBron James lovefest with one lob after another leading to slams. Pardon me if I find something else to watch on my television. I'm not even going to waste DVR space on this stuff.