Which Blazer would have best chance on "Dancing with the Stars"?

Which Blazer would have best chance on "Dancing with the Stars"?
February 26, 2013, 10:00 am
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Who would be the best at DWTS?

Clyde Drexler didn't do well on "Dancing with the Stars" in 2007. In fact, judge Carrie Ann Inaba called him "the worst dancer in the competition."

Drexler obviously didn't belong on the show -- he openly celebrated when he was voted off it. He's too shy to be a great dancer -- you have to not care what people think of you and, as the old saying goes, "dance like no one is watching."

But on the day when "Dancing with the Stars" is revealing its new group of competitors, I got to wondering about which of the current Trail Blazers would have a shot at winning on the long-running show. I mean, Clyde just didn't carry the Trail Blazer banner very well. The organization needs redemption.

I'm going to go ahead and eliminate Luke Babbitt. Probably too tall. And too self-conscious. Could Damian Lillard pull it off? Maybe, he's the kind of guy who gives you the impression he can do whatever he wants if he puts his mind to it. I bet Victor Claver can dance, right? All guys from Spain are likely to be dancers. I'm tempted to go with Will Barton. He's pretty athletic and he's probably got the one prime ingredient for winning -- he doesn't care what YOU think, he's going to go out and do his thing.

But in the end, don't you have to go with Nic Batum? I mean, he's smooth, agile and that accent of his is going to charm all the voters, whether he can actually dance well enough or not. He'd just have to be the choice. Now, to get him on the show...