Chael Sonnen announces retirement a day after failed drug test

Chael Sonnen announces retirement a day after failed drug test
June 11, 2014, 6:00 pm
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A day after Chael Sonnen was pulled from UFC 175 for a failed drug test, the West Linn resident has announced the end of his MMA career.

Sonnen announced his retirement from competition Wednesday on UFC Tonight on Fox Sports 1. Sonnen has competed in MMA for 17 years, including the last five with the UFC.

The All-American wrestler from the University of Oregon tested positive for banned substances, saying he took human chorionic gonadotropin, anastrozole and clomiphene. The latter two are anti-estrogen medications typically given to women. 

He was on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) before it was banned by the Nevada Athletic Commission in February to deal with hypogonadism, which is a condition in which the body doesn't produce enough testosterone. Sonnen said he had fertility issues previously. Sonnen said doctors prescribed him anastrozole and clomiphene with the hope of stimulating natural testosterone production. He and his wife are now expecting their first child.

Sonnen took responsibility for his actions and said he should have disclosed to the NSAC that he was on the drugs. He said Tuesday on "America's Pregame" that he was "confused" about commission regulations for out-of-competition testing, since the tests came last month and the fight was in July. 

Sonnen finishes his career 28-14-1. He will best be remembered in the UFC ranks for his heated rivalry with former middleweight champion Anderson Silva. The feud was one of the most memorable in MMA and Sonnen nearly won the title from Silva in the summer of 2010, dominating four rounds against the all-time great before he was submitted a triangle choke hold in the fifth round. He will also go down as one of the best trash talkers in any sport, able to get inside the head and under the skin of so many. 

In 2011, Sonnen pleaded guilty to money laundering in connection with mortgage fraud. Sonnen was eventually fined $10,000 and sentenced to two years probation after he agreed to testify against others involved in the investigation.

Sonnen will continue his role hosting UFC Tonight with Kenny Florian and also acting as an analyst for UFC live events.