Aldridge sustains quad strain, Barton gets concussion

Aldridge sustains quad strain, Barton gets concussion
October 3, 2013, 3:00 pm
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Stotts talks injuries to LA, Barton, Williams

TUALATIN -- The Portland Trail Blazers have had a couple of players succumb to injury in the last 24 hours.

With Mo Williams already sitting out his third consecutive practice session to nurse a sprained right ankle, two more Trail Blazers have since fallen victim to an injury.

LaMarcus Aldridge suffered a left quad strain Wednesday night in a non-contact drill and was held out of today's practice. Will Barton was elbowed in the face by Meyers Leonard and sustained a concussion after attempting a layup in a four-on-four drill.

In regards to Aldridge, Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts says although he doesn't believe it to be serious, he admits it's “disappointing,” nonetheless.

Anytime a player misses time because of an injury, it's a concern,” Stotts told “But hopefully it doesn't keep him out for an extended period of time. But there's always concern when a player has an injury.”

When pressed for how long he thinks Aldridge is out and if he thinks he'll miss Sunday's Fan Fest, Stotts simply didn't know.

I don't know how long its going to be,” he said. “I don't know even want to say if it's a few days or weeks. It's just too early to say.”

Aldridge was seen riding a stationary bike when media were allowed into the team's practice facility. He later walked to the weight room without any noticeable limps to receive further treatment.

Barton, walked into the main gym in street clothes after practice and appeared out of sorts as he was explaining what happened to teammates and management. He'll have to go through the league mandated concussion protocol before returning to action.

It was kind of scary,” CJ McCollum said. “I didn't see what happened, but you knew it was serious.”

Here are some of the key guidelines in regards to returning after a concussion:

4. Return to Participation Decisions:

a. Once a player is diagnosed with a concussion he is then held out of all activity until he is symptom-free at rest and until he has no appreciable difference from his baseline neurological exam and his baseline score on the computerized cognitive assessment test.

b. The concussed player may not return to participation until he is asymptomatic at rest and has successfully completed the NBA concussion return-to-participation exertion protocol.

5. Return to Participation Protocol:

a. The return to participation protocol involves several steps of increasing exertion — from a stationary bike, to jogging, to agility work, to non-contact team drills.

b. With each step, a player must be symptom free to move to the next step. If a player is not symptom free after a step, he stops until he is symptom free and begins again at the previous step of the protocol (i.e., the last step he passed without any symptoms).

c. While the final return-to participation decision is to be made by the player’s team physician, the team physician must discuss the return-to-participation process and decision with Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher, the Director of the NBA’s Concussion Program, prior to the player being cleared for full participation in NBA Basketball.

d. It’s important to note that there is no timeframe to complete the protocol. Each injury and player is different and recovery time can vary in each case.